Aims,Plans and Surety

A little while back I  stumbled across a movie called ‘ How do you know? ‘  and as I was watching it the story line ended up resonating so deeply that I immediately thought of writing it all. It basically told a story of 2 disparate characters, who don’t know where they are headed or what are they supposed to do. So there it was like hitting jackpot in slot machine lottery *ding *ding *ding,the depiction was so raw and profound that I was asking myself that Is it my story? or there are other people who could be going through the same?.

What hit me like wall of bricks is that almost every other day I come  across a lot of  people who are just so sure about where they want and supposed to be doing .Its intriguing  considering the amount of details they have in their heads, their whole lives planned out ahead with military presicion like  step 1 ,2,3. And I can’t help but wonder how the  hell do they know it? Because not just that their image of future selves is so vivid but they also  know for sure its right thing for them.But then there is this question that did they figured it all out by themselves or somebody somehow pursued them to believe all of this crap.

I on the other hand have been trying  really hard to figure out things about my life from the get go and to be honest I don’t think I have been able to find the path, the guiding light or whatever that shit  is.I used to think that when I’ll be in my twenties everything would be laid out like Victorian dinner table.

Somewhere in this movie the lead character Lisa played by Reese Witherspoon says the following:

“Most of the girls I play with when they are done playing ,well their plan is to meet a guy,fall in love, to have a baby ,(some include) going out to a grad school and getting a job.I am doing all those things but my problem or my challenge is I don’t know If I have what it takes for everybody’s regular plan.I have never like felt that love,the guys, the whole deal,like to be honest the baby thing Never! Never! I am just good at this one thing you know and when I hear these girls talk about how in love they are or how having a baby is everything.I think they are …pretending”

So here it goes folks, I know for sure folks that it is okay to be confused, okay to be lost, okay to be just trying  out things because at the end of the day we cannot let others visualize our  future lives.All we need is to ask ourselves is that What if I don’t fit in to those expectations or images? What if I don’t take the well traveled path? What if I don’t wanna do all the regular things and be a regular person? What If?


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