Maggi does Ramadan proud!

It is not like everyday that you come across a brand  and you are really impressed by their marketing efforts.This past week while looking for something trivial on Facebook I saw Maggi Pakistan‘s Ramadan themed post.Out of more than 100 brand pages that I have liked, this one stood out in a good way.

The post had all the right elements: the fonts, the product ,requisite branding ,the visual representation of message and all of that rendered in an exceedingly simple and creative way.It highlights the all important fact that one doesn’t have to do something really big  to be great,often the simplest of things do the job well.Kudos to the social media team for coming up with such an amazing creative concept,I hope other brands take notice and improve on their Ramadan campaigns.

This just in, a friend of mine just highlighted that this is in fact inspired from post by McDonalds Arabia (which kinda makes me sad), this one wished Eid Mubarak 😦 So I leave it up to all the readers to judge whether it is a copy,inspiration or otherwise.

P.S. This is not a paid post,and I am in no way associated with the brand 
or the said social media agency.

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