5 reasons you should stop whining about Veena

You must be living under a rock if you have not been exposed to the not-s0-great Veena debate.Well to be honest it wasn’t that big and all, but it would be wrong to say it was trivial either.I feel that this oh so simmering hoo haas ,the countless funny memes, then the subsequent polls and tweets that flooded the Internet were futile and need to stop. So I decided to write about this in ala Express Tribune Blogs style,and another reason for writing it is because I  had become really bored of Crescent+Masjid imagery themed product messages on Internet.

Moreover I guess this is the time when somebody needs to call spade a spade to all those who are whining about how she is giving Pakistan or even Islam a bad name,so here it is folks I have jotted down 5 basic reasons that  you should stop whining about Veena Malik:

    1.  It’s ok if she appeared on a pseudo-reality show on Indian TV channel and roamed around in skimpy outfits, it was still tastefully demure when compared with Pashto/Punjabi films.
    2.  Her green passport doesn’t bind her to wear shalwar kameez with dupata on her head and be a symbol of chastity and innocence, she is free to do anything and wear anything she wants.(Yes I have got constitutional rights thingy going).
    3. Everybody knows you condemn her semi-nude photos in FHM magazine when you are with your friends, but then you ogle them at night and pleasure yourself or get jealous(choose one depending upon your preferences)
    4. She is not your wife/sister/daughter/or anything ,she is a random female civilian who happens to be bold and knows how to use this in viable ways,do not expect her to live up to your hypocritical self serving morals.
    5. Contrary to the convention this lady is neither illiterate nor novice.Stop spreading conspiracy theories about how she is being manipulated  to be a bimbo.She certainly knows her shit, proof of the pudding is the incident in which she totally owned the religious leader with her:

 Mufti Sahab Yeh Kya Baat Huee

So even if  her demeanor has rubbed the hypocritical conservatives the wrong way, they should realize that she is not the sole representative of Pakistan or God forbid Islam, she is just another brick in the wall.Moreover you have to give it to this woman for she mayn’t always be valid but her confidence to come and defend her behaviour on TV  is in fact commendable.

And If you still want her disappear into oblivion, you just have to stop caring.It is as simple as that.However considering all the buzz that she has managed to generate on both sides, it is evident she is here to say because accept it or not people are obsessed about her.


4 responses to “5 reasons you should stop whining about Veena

  1. People need to worry about their own lives and leave other people alone. By the rules of their imaginary world she is already saved with all of their good deeds in her account due to their bad mouthing of her. And guess what have they traded them with?

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