Say no to boring Shalwar Kameez this Eid!

As we are witnessing this mushroom growth of fashion in Pakistan, there is this feeling of extremely unimaginative obsession with lawns and bridal wear. And sadly there are no counter narratives for the men, there are gazillions of t-shirt makers on Facebook in particular but nothing for decent and affordable eastern wear.Most of the well-off guys either buy East Asian manufactured clothing available in shopping malls or they opt for brands like Levis, Outfitters, Stoneage etc.But if you want an eastern ensemble say for this upcoming Eid where do you go?

So I sat down to write this nifty little post about options that guys have this Eid (if you are living in Karachi or Lahore), following are some of the brands that will save you from wearing the same boring Shalwar Kameez this Eid.

1. Munib Nawaz

One of the main pioneers of menswear fashion in Pakistan.He is the designer for Pakistan’s pop royalty, almost all the music and TV celebrities wear his clothes.Umair Jaswal recently rocked one of his ensembles at Lux Style Awards this year.Think Pakistan’s Dolce and Gabbana or Armani if you want to get an idea of his aesthetic.

This year his offerings feature classic silhouettes with contemporary tailoring and design details.The fabrics are predominantly cotton rich fabrics considering the hot/humid climate of country,some of them feature monotone embroideries and yes stripes are making a come back in kurtas (so don’t be afraid to wear them).There are  different kinds of  metal buttons,details on plackets and collars that will make you stand out in a crowd.To further jazz up your outfit he recommends trying to move away from boring plain white Shalwar because contrasting lowers will add a new look to your Eid outfit.

2.Humayun Alamgir

Pakistan’s answer to Roberto Cavalli, Humayun Alamgir is the designer for the confident rock loving younger demographic,his styles combine rock and glam, with a touch of color and sexiness. He’s not afraid to mix textures and different fabrics.

This Eid collection is labour of love as he has put almost half an year into it, his range includes embroidered shalwar kameez with strategically placed motifs on the back, sleeves and chest, for the more conservative slot he has some formal and semi formal styles as well with satin and velvet motifs. He is also offering printed kurtas with shalwars and also range of kurtas in ravishing colours(that you can later on use for your friends mehendis and etc.).Fabrics vary from formals to more casual styles but he does have linen and cotton ones to make up for the weather.

All in all he has all the bases covered, he recommends that kids should opt for simple colorful ones but leave the detailing for motifs and printed kurtas for teenagers and young adults,the older gentlemen should stick to their usual contrasted shalwar kameez and can amp it up with bold new collar styles he is offering.

3. Arsalan and Yahseer

This designer duo has splashed across the horizon recently and have made quite a mark with their colorful lines which has strong indigenious influence.Think Dsquared or D&G for Pakistan, they have similiar sensibility if you were to ask me colorful, fun and youthful.They also have their share of magazine shoots and have got plenty fashions unders their belt now.

This designer duos’ request to all men to go for bright colors in this weather. Electric blues, light green, lime yellow, fawn and beige are very much in this season. They say men should go for plain kurtas with contrasting shalwars (off-white preferably). There are Brass/silver buttons if  you need something extra, and embroidery motifs on the chest/collar/placket can show your flamboyance!

Look out for Arsalan & Yahseer’s Kasheeda kaari pieces coming out on Eid this season. New collection for Rangeen (block print, hand painted) kurtas are out and are selling hot right now! Get your hands on the limited pieces right now! Leather detailed, hand stitched slippers are also available in limited sizes.

4. AZ

This fairly new label recently caught my eye for its quirky use of embroidery and equally interesting placement of that.This label mainly deals with eccentric eastern wear for confident manly men.No frilly florally pieces here.The designer’s current collection is reminiscent of Neil Barret and Etro(sans paisley).

For this Eid collection designer has made some really strong pieces with not so heavy military influences,the customer has range of eastern motifs of embroidery as well.His kurtas are structured with immaculate and understated details.Fabrics are kept light however the color palette is predominantly dark ranging from black,grey to a dark indigo and browns.Designer recommends keeping it classic yet letting one’s individuality shine through.


Besides there are countless other smaller stores and renowned labels selling eastern menswear.I would recommend all of the guys to explore options and take a risk this Eid.Most of you either wear suits or jeans+t-shirts ensembles throughout the year, and  this is one of the few occasions that you get to expressive yourselves so take a plunge in some fabulous clothing.

P.S. The contact information of all these brands can be accessed through their Facebook pages,name titles are hyper-linked to their respective pages for the convenience of the readers.

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