Dismal Displays

During one of my recent shopping sprees around Karachi.Me and some friends of mine started discussing how banal shopping has come about to be especially more so in the time of Eid(because everybody flocks to markets and malls).But we realized that  its even  sadder to see how badly shop display windows are arranged at such important time of year.

Some of you must be having this WTF look on your face but being a reformed shopaholic with relevant academic background I can’t stress enough how important visual representation of a brand can be.Even more so if your retail space is in a busy mall where majority of people are just wandering.So you have to stop them in their tracks,talk to them so they could know your story, sugar, spice and everything nice.

On one hand of spectrum we have famed windows of Hermes and Tiffany’s, and on the other hand we have us always late to realize potential of such things.Here are some of the windows that I found worth commenting


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