Banal Bonanza

If Bonanza was a guy, he would be a 36 year old guy having a midlife crisis.Having been the most covetable brand when it came to decent quality knitwear, this once eponymous label is  now struggling, I don’t have any idea about how well they are doing financially but their desperate and ill planned marketing tactics surely paint a dismal outlook.

Due to lack of good kurta options to wear this Eid, I was forced to visit one of their retail outlets by my parents.First thing that caught my eyes was this lowly redesign of old Bonanza logo, at first I thought it is a separate line targeted at younger demographic.But no, apparently Bonanza has revamped its brand to counter this onslaught of stiff competition from brands such as GulAhmed, Cambridge, Royal Tag, and Uniworth. But the sad part was that they hadn’t executed this change of brand identity across the board in a comprehensive manner, the store signage had old logo, some of the products still carried the old logo on  tags and even ads.I just rolled my eyes!

Where GulAhmed and Cambridge successfully realigned themselves to offer more contemporary designed products, Bonanza on the other hand didn’t move away from its 70s and early 80s dad clothes image. Browsing through racks of clothing on display at Bonanza store, I felt nauseous with a feeling of  impending migraine.I heard ‘Tujhse Naraaz Nahin Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Men’ playing in my head, so I quickly excused myself out of  the store.Retail should never make you feel sad.And you shouldn’t even get me started on their product merchandising (its more like bank floor converted to Frankenstein’s unflattering clothing retail fantasy).

Moreover at a time where Eid is around the corner and it provides substantial editorial exposure, some wise soul thought of putting Faisal Qureshi as the face of the brand to showcase their Eid kurta range.I wonder who is this one angry employee who is bent on hammering the last nails in to coffin by creating this hodge podge of marketing strategy.Although the products themselves were not really bad but the layout of the print ad,the model and background elements in photography somehow end up looking very down market.

If we look at brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci that have successfully reinvented themselves with new imagery collaborating with renowned artists, the question begs to be asked whether Bonanza really needed this ill-executed brand revamp? Is it ready to take such an ambitious venture? Would it be able to live up to this new claim of youthful trendy brand? And lastly was the old logo that unsightly that it had to be changed?

Because aur koi dekhe na dekhee Aamir zaroor dekhe ga 😛

Note:Above op-ed refers to their menswear marketing, their womenswear division had been doing comparatively better!

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