Growing Small

This past weekend, I happened to visit a gardening  exhibition by Pakistan Bonsai Society.Yes some of you might be rolling your eyes on me being there out of all the places but to be fair it was amusing to see small plant thingies. The proportions of plants was almost comical like the ones you see in Disney/Pixar movies.


I went home, googled it up a bit. Apparently these middle aged folks exhibiting their equally old (if not more) plants were doing it quite seriously and it is quite big. The society even has functioning website.I got to know that growing bonsai trees is primary for aesthetic reasons unlike other forms of gardening, and after reading a few pages I must say that it is an exercise of careful ingenuity with almost architectural finicky details. I for one didn’t know that you can use grow very small  like 8″ Sacred Fig Trees(Peepal Tree) using wires,coral and all.You would just look at a plant and your mind starts having these profound reflective thoughts.(Almost like those cool east Asian martial arts movies)

For a layman like me who doesn’t even have faintest hint of passion for gardening and clearly lacks the virtue of patience needed for growing one of these plants myself, I cannot help but admire the dedication these growers have and the ingenious ways that they resort to shape these plants in ways that they represent full scale grown trees.The Japanese for one  have been growing bonsai trees for almost  millennium, probably as a nation obsessed with guns and cramped up in small apartments, hobbies such as these can instil some harmony, peace and patience in all of us.


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