The Indo-Pak Influence

There has been quite a lot of buzz recently about Asia’s ever expanding influence on design, the elements are no longer subtle there are kimonos, geisha makeup and everything else you can imagine. And no wonder Asian Tigers exert an enormous pressure on economy and world politics now but somehow the Indo-Pak region hasn’t been highlighted or rather hasn’t been paid homage to such an extent.Even more so if you consider that this region has rich art and culture heritage that goes back thousands of millennia .


But something really interesting has crept up in this season of fashion shows across New York, Paris, and even Milan.At Diane Von Furstenberg and Giorgio Armani there were straight long tunics reminiscing kameez and structured roomy pants that closely followed the lines of shalwars, and pajamas from subcontinent. The ladies at Marchesa paid homage to  Kundan embroidery and drapery inspired from bridal costumes. And in retrospect Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel did  playful mid length skirts with tight pants that resembled paneled frock and chooridar pajamas which oddly are very trendy here currently.Lastly you cant forget to mention Hermes‘s rendition of Saaris.

We could go on and on but so much for women, whats in it for men? It would be a surprise to many of the readers that unlike womenswear, men’s fashion had been referencing various elements from Indo-Pak costumes for a while now. You can see the kameezes, shalwars, and even jodhpurs. Most of these design elements even though mixed with western pieces are straight forward  and look really cool. What is really surprising that these ensembles are being  worn  exactly the same way by common people of Pakistan just out of utility. Wearing a kurta over pair of jeans is apparently very chic!

So to all of the guys out there who are rebelling and breaking norms by mixing different pieces of apparel, I commend your creative acts of self expression.Below are some of the pieces by well known designer labels that I suspect most of you would have never seen in this light before.


7 responses to “The Indo-Pak Influence

  1. fantastic insight and really appreciate the research that is put in it. What I felt in the new season’s collection from the Major fashion capitals is it is waaay more Pakistani influence but tagged either bollywood or as an Indian inspired . and i just dont like it.. But yes .. proves that world is definitely now keeping an eye on what is happening in PFDC’s and FPW’s .

    • Thank you.I think international fashion houses are more in tune with what’s happening on the streets and less about our endless array of fashion weeks.

      But I still appreciate what’s happening there.

  2. Great post. I’ve been researching a similar one for women from this season, had no idea the trend was also prevalent in men’s fashion.

  3. enjoyed reading it and specially it was the best support I can get in my Financial institutions lectures 😛 You write well Mashallah! I will be looking forward to more cool updates on how we can style it up.

    • Thank you for such kind words.I try to improve and I am glad you find them useful.I can give you some material on financial institutions and international economy too, I served as a teaching assistant in my university for these disciplines.

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