Wearing socks with sandals is a cardinal sin

Every decade or so there comes a faux pas that is as atrocious as the incident of chronic poverty in the world.Very few things are so horrendous  that one just can’t look away pretending you didn’t see it. I came across one a  few years back and it still haunts me from time to time. So I guess its time we should sit and address this issue of grave importance.Yes,ladies and gentlemen I am referring to this dreadful fad of people wearing socks with sandals.Its appalling and its an eye sore!

First of all when I look it someone wearing those blazing white socks often with beach sandals(read mostly blokes from engineering universities), the first thought in my head is  sheer disgust with a dash of confusion.I fail to understand what is the beauty in this ‘look’  and sadly it seems it has taken over like an epidemic.

And I wish I could stop such criminals in their tracks and ask them a very simple question i.e.

  1. What is it that you get from wearing socks with beach sandals that you cant get from any other more suitable form of footwear?

Because from sheer utility’s paradigm,  if you  want your feet to breathe  you may wear perforated shoes with socks, and If the intention is to show off your beautifully groomed toes/feet, then just wear the sandals without socks.

On the other hand If you want your feet to be protected from external elements common sense governs that simply you wear a shoe (with socks), If getting off/removing the shoes is a hassle for you, you can get a pair of slippers or loafers.

Its as simple as ABC, I am not telling anyone to devise a new quantum physics theory or perform an open heart surgery.It all boils down to a simple fact if you wear sandals it is sartorially expected of you to show skin and NEVER  under any circumstances be caught dead/alive wearing them with socks. It is not complicated is it! So just stop being an Oxymoron!

To those who still wish to rebel with such unflattering fashion choices touting self-expression, I would like to remind them that style may be personal and fashion mayn’t have hard-line rules, but having said there are more tasteful ways of expressing oneself; wearing socks with sandals  is certainly not one of them and lastly they are no plausible excuses to defend such tragic choices.

P.S. Remember if everybody is doing it doesn’t mean its ok to do so!

To conclude I quote Urban Dictionary which puts it  really eloquently as under :

“If it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks. If it’s cold enough to wear socks, it’s too cold for sandals.”


8 responses to “Wearing socks with sandals is a cardinal sin

  1. “read mostly blokes from engineering universities” – haha I know about whom are you talking!!

  2. i tell u many of these girls “at work” who have literally burnt their feet (and now look like murghi ka panja), they better do something it ! burnt black feet are as ugly as socks on sandals ! can they apply sun block on their feet ?? can they?

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