Fashion Pakistan Week Day 1

When Fashion Pakistan Week opened its doors two days ago, I was swayed by the throngs of glitterati that graces the red carpet in Karachi  with the usual lots of brand representatives, wanna-be models, fancy aunties with fancier bags and young girls cloned in slutty look wearing high heels. Who could have known that there are so many social media mavens gracing the event, their presence surely took me by surprise.

The red carpet had the kiosks of Etihad Airways in which you could take photos using accessories provided by Gulabo. Then there was the Q-mobile (of Iman Ali fame) display which looked rather sad next to Pond’s Preview Arena offering a sneak preview of designers showcasing that day. And most importantly the red carpet was rather all over the place with media scrambling to get their act together.I guess this is where ushers and event management comes in but sadly they were no where to be found. However thankfully this time  organizers were serving drinks on the house preventing another Karbala to happen.

The evening started with the Sonya Batla‘s presentation, the lady re-affirmed her craft with dresses that had accents of traditional embroidery but with cuts that were exceedingly contemporary and western.There were tops, dresses, paired with slimming silhouettes. Hair and make-up complimented the ensembles really well, the only exception being  Ayaan’s hair braid tied in the front. My favourites were the black dresses with broad embroidery patches at the hemline.

It was during the first presentation that I happened to realize that the stage was just too low and there was mayhem at the photographers arena, there was literally no organization they were scrambling to get as little space they could occupy.This is one of the reasons why most of my photos have a hand or head intercepting them.Argh!!!

The second designer label to show at FPW Day 2 was Deepak & Fahad, even though I must admit that I wasn’t big fan of their work  and wasn’t look forward to it.But this dentist accountant duo rose up from the ashes like a phoenix their show was opened by model Rizwan Jafri wearing keffiyeh. And then as the collection unveiled the theme was apparent, it was keffiyeh appliquéd on the front, on the back, plackets and what not. Faiza Asad Ansari and handful of other females models spruced up by presenting the womenswear pieces from the collection. Although it was really uplifting to see keffiyeh having a comeback locally after Balenciaga in Fall 2007. The array of models walking for them was also very impressive we had reigning best model Abbas Jafri, Rizwan Jafri, Tabish Oza who particularly shined bright, then there were the elusive Shahzad Noor and the frequent Omer Shazad.

3rd in the line up was Maimoona Arshad‘s clothes, filled with sublime dresses in sublime colors. Some of them seem heavily inspired from calssic valentino and some by Viktor n Rolf’s shirt dresses. At times the models like Nadia Hussain and Iraj Manzoor  over shadowed the dresses themselves.There was a lack of cohesiveness in the designs, it somehow didn’t transition smoothly from one look to another

The presentations went on hurriedly and at times it was good to see we didn’t have to wait for a long. Just to break the convention of models coming from the stage. Ayesha Hasan‘s show started with Ayesha Toor joining from the end of the runway suddenly appearing from the photographers arena.Well that was a first! She wandered here and there  as if just buying time.The first model after Ayesha Toor‘s moved fidgety in sombre colored gown but as she turned around woah there was this back made up of  bright colored panels having almost a psychedelic magical appeal. Then things took a turn for the worst. The clothes looked as if a small girl is playing with her mother’s dowry.It was a good lesson on how not to show  a collection, there was no cohesiveness, drapery was on the verge of being classified as Project Runway disasters, even glamazones like Iraj couldn’t make them look cool for me.And just when I though we were getting over with it Rabya Chaudry came out signing LIVE!

After all this hoopla palooza we landed safely back on earth with designer Nargis Hafeezs showcase, its non-fussy traditional festive clothing with just the right amount of embroidery and color. You could actually see people you know wearing these ensembles straight out of the runway. Styling and make-up made sure things looked fuss no gaga.Just plain viability, the lady will no doubt sell well.

Kuki Concepts line was based on some famous artist’s work but somehow I didn’t appreciate it one bit. I think Zahid Khan is great at bridals and experimental clothing .This pret a porter collection didn’t go together with his earlier work and the brand image that he has managed to create so far.

The second last designer to show was Ishtiaque Afzal Khan, his collection started with hoodied  pine green  skirts with red accents, then collection then moved to tobacco brown hooded ensembles with red bikinis doing peek-a-boo. Then more pine green/tobacco borwn long skirts, shorts, skirts again with hoodies and red accents on hemlines, neck lines, sleeves and what not. Was it a challenge in some talent show to use these three things in a gazillion ways? He didn’t tell me a story, neither did it inspire me or want me to wear it.*Yawn

The best was definitely saved for last. Warda Saleem’s  collection was based folklore, the nostalgia of paper fans sold at village fairs, wooden  slingshots, and spinning tops.For once a Pakistani designer stepped out of truck art image of Pakistan, did something out of element.There were printed pants, saaris , tops all having one of the above mentioned elements all in bright yet non-neon tasteful colors. The spinning tops were used as heals of footwear, and even as earrings. Nomi Ansari and Tapu Javeri both walked for the designer wearing a cool vest with slingshot appliquéd on the back and the grey blazer with printed back.

This was all about my take on FPW day 1, who was your favourite designer?


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