Fashion Pakistan Week Day 3

Day 3 started with a lot a humdrum. I was feeling the toll of working 9 hours a day and then hurrying to cover FPW. As I reached the venue I saw a large crowd of people outside the main hall (When I say large it was like 100 people). So it was apparent that everybody who had heard of FPW had come to attend it. It has become a convention somehow that people who have no interest or relationship with fashion come in throngs  to attend such fashion events, most common types are tea-party housewives who have  nothing eventful or worthwhile in their lives, also fancy aunties who come out to show off their duds, the quintessential corporate uncles who ogle at models, and the teenage wanna-bes with big cameras in their hands scouting for sugar daddies or sugar-mamas. The event was jam packed, and it was rather depressing to see that prominent professionals such as stylists, journalists, retailers, and fashion choreographers being asked by ushers ‘Who are you ?’,  ‘Why are you here?’, ‘Please sit in the back row, front row is for our corporate sponsors’. Kids do your homework!

And on Day 3 probably there was memo circulated on wardrobe that told ladies to wear a structured blazer on flimsy silken blouses with black pants and to carry a fake Chanel quilted bag at all costs! Seriously WTF!

After a bit of struggle, I managed to get into the second row but as the show started it felt as if it was a movie screening at a cinema, families complete with kids were sitting on seats and fashion professionals kept standing near the photographers taking their notes. It was already almost an hour late, and the first designer to show on FPW day 3 was Mahin Karim. Her show started with gold baroque style embellishments on jackets (which seemed a lot like Dolce and Gabbana‘s last collection), which then progressed to primarily flowy gold gowns(reminded me Roberto Cavalli), dresses, tops and what not. It was just decadence, some of the pieces shown here were worn by actress Aamina Sheikh on a premiere , PR empress Freiha Altaf  in LSA and others were worn by models at the Versace Yellow Diamond fragrance launch. Most of her pieces were made for the  red-carpet, so considering the skin tone and makeup habits I doubt whether an average socialite or celebrity will be able  pull off these looks.

After a good dose of gold, Emraan Rajput showed off his menswear. Thank God  he concentrated on colours and subtle details rather than his signature embroidery which I personally detest. His collection was  primarily based on suits  that were paired in contrasting coloured jackets and pants. Colour pallete was reminiscent of happy 60s consisting  burnt oranges browns, mauve, teal, greenish blues etc. I particularly loved sun fire yellow hued pants paired with sombre teal grey pants, brick red jacket with khakhi trousers, mauve coloured jacket paired with powder blue pants and white shirt. His collection seemed to be heavily inspired from London based designer Ozwald Boateng’s work, who also uses a lot of those same colours. It felt happy and nostalgic looking at his pieces as they reminded one of good cinema, booming economy and all.

Delphi by Nargis Khan was the 4th one to show, her signature  hand woven crochet pieces,and the shiny tonal sequins that were intertwined into the thread created a nice narrative. Long evening gowns and tunics specially in lighter hues of peach and cream looked great. The most outstanding piece was a grey evening gown in shades of grey and blue by Cybil.  Iraj did a great job wearing the saari with crochet paloo, Most of the pieces had a commercial appeal and it was all quite cohesive. Although I felt the styling could have been a bit more dramatic to make the garments look more interesting.

The bad boy of fashion Rizwanullah quickly followed suit, to me his past collections have always had an dark edginess but with dash of sensual drama. This collection was no different his pieces were predominantly black colour building on the narrative of his past collections. He used lace, leather, appliqué and Etro-esque paisley prints as accents. His layering of different textures seamlessly was applaudable especially considering the fact that he isn’t no traditional fashion design graduate.His clothes referenced Karl Lagerfeld‘s signature line to a great extent. I would definitely like to get my hands on a piece or two.

Misha Lakhani , the former Bunto intern who has recently been splashed all over the press showcased a relaxed flowy no fuss collection.For the first time in three days models were not strutting with heels like horses  but rather floating effortlessly barefeet like swans in a lake. The make up was simple, hair weren’t elaborately done, even the accessories were kept to a minimum. It was elegance without trying too hard.

FnkAsia the brand by Amir Adnan‘s wife Huma Adnan continued with its theme of highlighting Asian craftsmen ship. The garments were extremely approachable in terms of their cuts nothing Gaga about them. But the embellishments made them stand apart, it was traditional floor mat weaves, fringe and more weave and fringe interpreted in all sorts of ways.The colors maroons, ox blood, rich browns and  referenced mountainous regions and hair were often styled with scarves and braids. Accessories were cool and quite practical.I wish they made something along same lines for men.

The great 6 designers of Karachi had their say in the very end. Starting with Sadaf Malatare who showed her insipid nude flowy saaris, gowns and all with silvers sequins which I felt was just a waste of spot, she should rather showcased her own wardrobe then these designs which looked a lot like Manish Malhotra‘s collection being watered down. Then big guns were pulled out starting with Shamaeel Ansari’s opulent red  pieces that were almost out of an imperial court. Every piece had a lot of details and extravagant layering, accessorized with the designer’s own signature syle long boots. Shehla Chatoor made everybody gasp, she didn’t spare either: short dresses made up of silk printed heavy with Japanese art. She used fur stoles, long gold necklaces and boots with fur accents+ Japanese embroidery to take the sensuality further up a notch. Legendary Maheen Khan (of Gulabo fame) displayed her understated yet beautiful pieces that were dreamy yet powerful. Her woman doesn’t show off, she is powerful and quite sure of herself. I particularly loved the piece that Hira Tareen wore with deep pink fuschia  bottom. Deepak Perwani‘s menswear was sexy, polished and eclectic with his signature embellishments on shoulders and chest, he used black as primary color and experimented with mixing patterns/prints by layering them.And finally Amir Adnan the original designer to masses of men presented his sherwani collection which I personally didn’t find interesting, I could get better sherwani designs from Tariq Road even.

All in all it was a great experience  but somehow 3rd day failed to get me excited.There wasn’t any big celebrity in the front row, a single jaw dropping ensemble or even a mishap.I was just too tired!


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