Bonanza F/W 2012 Launch

I wrote about Bonanza being  banal a few month ago, and by some weird course of coincidence I was invited to their Winter collection and Dolmen Mall grand store launch. It is a no-brainer that this mall has come about to be the it-place where every brand and every shopper wants to be. Even though Bonanza seems to be a little late compared to its competitors but I must commend them for making the effort to have a presence anyway. The store is no joke it is a freakin’ 4200 sq ft and the retail space has certainly improved I liked the contemporary gray color and metal accents used by the interior designer. I hope they improve other stores as well.

The collection and unveiling of the store had a few highs and lows, its bad that the brand which has been known for knitwear has jumped unto bland looking traditional pret bandwagon. As you will see some of the models wearing the shalwar kameezes that are very insipid.Celebrities that were donning Bonanza especially VJ Anoushey looked pretty lost in the shalwar kameez which had an ugly overdose of embroidery and busy prints, its to be noted that she otherwise always manages to look casual chic. PR empress Freiha Altaf however managed to grab a better ensemble which didn’t overpower her, but then she is Freiha Altaf none the less.

As for the winter wear there were quintessential daddy sweaters for men that are characteristically baggy around the waist and sleeves.  I personally liked the black V-neck and the gradient blazer  both worn by Abbas Jafri (But then doesn’t he look good in everything?). The camel colored hunting cap and pullover even made the handsome Shahzad Noor look drab,  a long coat worn by Rizwan Jafri manage to instil enough hope in me that I started considering layering  it ala Prada in my head. As for womenswear, they had better options there was burst of orange colour,  vertical frills on shrugs,long coats with toggles, faux fur accents and what not. Out of all the female models Saima stood out, rest just blended into the crowd. One piece with vertical stripes particularly reminded me of Chanel resort 2012 collection, although it had little similarities. There were some shawls modelled as well that looked really interesting with lace insets and embroidery.

There has been quite a lot of debate with my fellow bloggers on whether  I am being a little too harsh on a brand that is aimed at masses which are not really receptive to fashion forward designs(i.e. heavily  influenced from international trends). It is a sad reality that mediocrity in womenswear is really profitable, lawn business and the mushroom growth of traditional pret retailers being an apt example of that. But having said that I would appreciate if the designers at Bonanza could look at the attendees such as brother sister duo Nubain and designer Wardha Saleem who were both dressed impeccably dressed with emphasis on clever detailing via accessories.

Minus the shalwar kameezes it seemed like a good collection, the styling helped the garments a great deal. As usual attendees dressed better than the collections being shone and yes all the media  was left standing grappling for proper space to cover the event. I could point out a hundred things in their designs but  their quality of wool and materials is one of the best in the local industry.


5 responses to “Bonanza F/W 2012 Launch

  1. Hehe you’ve spoken my mind.. that’s my reason to loathe Bonanza:

    “As for the winter wear there were quintessential daddy sweaters for men that are characteristically baggy around the waist and sleeves.”

    anyway, I wish them all the best!

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