The deadly job hunt!

As we the saw the horrific video of  young guy dying while trying to escape the blaze, it begs us all a question what kind of society are we living in and what do we stand  for? It is surely not the rampant unemployment or the lack of security arrangements at such buildings. It is even sadder for me personally since almost one year ago I was this guy, looking for a job. But then with almost 10 million of us looking for a good job is not easy.

Decades of our lives are spent praying to Almighty to have better grades in schools, then college and subsequently university. And just when we think the struggle would finally end, which obviously never does.As noted by a fellow blogger ,one of the many things that are to be hated about adulthood is the need to earn a living.We, the young adults,  after having spent almost all of our lives in studying ,become used to measuring our self-worth with grades on our report cards . But as soon as you are about to graduate there is this vague feeling of guilt about being dependent and there is this desire to be semi respectable so that you could tell people around you that YOU are doing something worthwhile.(Because trust me people would spare no opportunity to look down upon you if you don’t work)


For me personally finding and actually landing a decent job wasn’t an easy breezy. Keeping the broader economic issues aside, I felt that the recruitment process has become so twisted and gruesome that  it puts Nazi violence to shame. Even to get a meager internship which pays you peanuts, one has to go through several grueling and ‘self-esteem draining’ stages of tests and interviews,only to find out that for the most part I was not even ‘qualified’ for most of them.

The content and format of these test is also as alarmingly absurd (if not more)as the number of candidates  vying for that job.Moreover the irrelevancy of content is so ironic that it is tear inducing sometimes.I gave a test for banking job in 2011 in which there were questions about angles in geometry and biology of frogs, that also for a job that deals with accounting/mindless number crunching. And  when I went on to the interview stage of a major FMCG company, the recruiter tried every sadistic technique to strip me of  self-respect and made me feel as insignificant as an ant amongst elephants,all the while making sure one feels the heat of the ‘hot seat’ as if you are being interrogated in Guantanamo bay for terrorism charges.Wondering why? Hmm  well they say its to see how you perform in ‘stressful situations’. Isn’t it amazing!.Go Figure!

So its an open request to all those judgmental people around ,that please cut us(unemployed peers) some slack,its not as easy as it used to be back in the day.As they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and likewise don’t judge a person by the size of his wallet or visiting card for that matter.And to people who design these recruitment tests please get a life ,study some HR course and for once design a test that is relevant to the job being applied for.Will ya!


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