Night of Beauty

What do you do when there are two events to go to? That is exactly what happened to me on 26th January. I received invites to go to launch events of two really renowned salons in Karachi namely Peng’s Salon and Laiqa Hasan Spa & Salon. The Peng’s invite (a really cool faux mirror) was from Catalyst and I got the LH invite from Anastasia PR.


It is interesting to note that while small ‘beauty parlours’ are popping up in every neighborhood  The big guns have continued to sustain growth regardless mainly because the new establishments don’t have the the requisite expertise that only comes from years of experience and training .Beauty business in general has benefited greatly from economic growth and liberal media outlets. Every woman is aspiring for that popular look and that cutting edge technology.

But what I learned at these events is that women like Peng Qureshi and Laiqa Hasan are not just any beauty parlour aunties they are successful businesswomen who have quite frankly seen it all with their experience of well over 20 years.And keeping in view of the growing demands they have both revamped and grown their service portfolio.  Its not just getting the brides ready by painting their faces with tons of makeup but its their training from industry pioneers like Vidal Sasoon, Tony and Guy and L’Oreal Professionnel that sets theses ladies apart.Now with expanded spaces catering to pedicures,manicures and whole new range of  shabang of services  they got me (a guy) feeling left out. Where should we go?

For the launch event, there were fashion presentations that were totally different from one another but as I dug deeper it seemed like something deeper was simmering as both of the events were at the same exact time. The PR empress Freiha Altaf and the PR prodigy Saima Rao seemed headlogged in rivalry perhaps but in all fairness the later turned out to be quite great in her own right.The guest in attendance included the crème de la crème of Karachi’s high society
and beauty industry.However they seemed to be torn apart some graceful such as Nadia Hussain made it to both, even some of the Catalyst employees were seen at Laiqa Hasan event. I guess at the end of the day.


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