Unveiling the copycats at KFW

Nothing pains me more than seeing a local designer copy a famous international one, and some are shameless enough to push forward and exhibit them in fashion weeks and editorials. I wonder why they don’t consider that people are watching and they don’t live under a rock.

armani vs sharifah

Just recently in January 2013 this sorry act of copy came across some ensemble that just rang too many bells. Veils have been talk of the town from catwalk to side walks. All the major designers showed them some even in their couture collection and in the meanwhile some nations debated to outright ban them as they are perceived as signs of female subjugation and misogyny.

The outfits in question that were strutted down the runway in Karachi Fashion week  belong to a Malaysian designer  Sharifah Kirana and the veils seem to be heavily inspired from Armani Prive (couture) Fall 2012 collection. No wonder the designer was tempted to copy them, international magazines and newspapers such as Telegraph, Vogue and Huffington Post declared veils as the top new trend in the fall couture line up. Many designer interpreted them in their own unique ways. However our lady dearest just decided to copy+paste and added a turban like head gear to keep it in place.

The description on the website Buzz.pk suggests that the designer wanted to showcase her “Islamic wear” to which I roll my eyes. As a gesture of hospitality I hope her creations were received well. Although I am relieved that it wasn’t one of the indigenous designers.

So you decide, is it a legit copy or is Aamiriat just connecting too many dots?

Disclaimer: All the photos on the blog belong to their respectful owners.


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