TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Launch

Just few days back while I was juggling multiple things at work, I got an email invite for an exclusive TONI&GUY event. At that time I had no idea how good or bad or down right relevant it would be. I somehow managed to go this event on March 7th and I must say it was worth the hassle. The decor was kept minimal white, everything propped up to look as clean and chic as one could imagine. The nicest thing to me this time were the transparent acrylic chairs for the guests.

2013-03-09 11.06.22

The event was by Unilever who has basically got the license to retail a new range of hair products called Hair Meet Wardrobe. The  concept behind the products is to  apparently simplify the hairstyling for the young and trendy and to bring the looks from catwalk to sidewalk. The  event started off by an introduction by PR empress Freiha Altaf who was donning a very sexy Pucci dress and then Feeha Jamshed (of TeeJays fame) came up and introduced TONI&GUY global hair ambassador Mark Hampton.

It was surprising to see a  nice chap in his twenties who was just so approachable and grounded. He started his presentation by explaining the easy 3-step routine that he recommends everybody to follow that is Cleanse, Prep and Style. He then went on to explain each product  and what does it do for one’s hair. Models were rolled out by one showcasing 4 key looks that you can achieve by using this range i.e. Classic,Glamour, Casual and Creative. It was really great that he went into meticulous details on how he created each look and which product did he use  to reflect the beautiful pieces by Feeha Jamshed. The highlight of this model showcase was a Justin Beiber look-alike who presented a slicked back classic hair do for men. A fellow blogger sitting beside me went all gaga on him and proclaimed that he will soon take our fashion world by storm if he makes it. So let’s just cross our fingers for that.

In the Q&A session Mark Hampton actually turned out to be very helpful and informative to all the questions that were put up by the audience however majority of the us just sat there and ooh aahed all the way. Next we were escorted into a lounging area where all the guests and teams from Unilever/TONI&GUY mingled while Zoe Viccaji played beautiful renditions of Adele and Florence Welsh. The decor was impeccable especially the iPads housed in the  nifty telephone booths. To wrap things up there was a small fashion show in the end on a platform that was previously set up like a table top.

All the attendees took home a sample of a  few products to try and also a style guide for spring summer 2013. I hope other brands could take note and have events such as these where you are not only educated about the products but also get to experience the brand personality in such holistic sensorial way.


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