INOA Hair Color launch

There has been something in the month of March that everybody decides to keep their launches and events around this time of the year. Couple of days back I received an invite for the launching of a new hair color. Instinctively I rolled my eyes and kept it in a stack of numerous lawn launch invites that I had been getting but the graphic on the invite showing a hot lady holding some flowers in front of our face did catch my attention.

INOA Show Stopper - Neha with the hair-show models (2) (1)

When I reached the venue I got to feel that it was some serious deal up there not some cheap DIY color kit giveaway(that I was hoping to get for my mom,since I don’t color mine yet).Apparently it was an event by L’Oreal Professionnel which mainly caters to salons and hairdressers.For all those who are still confused L’Oreal Professionnel is disparate from L’Oreal Paris franchise, the former is an exclusively salon expert sorta brand which is strictly not DIY. The event started with obligatory intros from the brand representatives about the brand and also the the product which happened to be the revolutionary hair color INOA. I would accept the fact that I didn’t know much about hair color from the  start but as I googled some stuff up I found out that haircolor is really big and apparently it has a lot of issues.

The presentations by the brand representatives elaborated really well how hair color industry is evolving and then talked a bit about their brand. I often hear from my friends and family about how hair coloring damages your hair because of ammonia, there are allergy concerns due to skin sensitivity and also at time the end result isn’t radiant at all. As I looked around I realized that I was surrounded by a hoard of Salon aunties almost like a conclave of priests at the unveiling of holy grail of some sort. There was iconic stylist/make-up artist Nabila of N-PRO, Saba Ansari of Sabs, RubyHassan, Shamal Qureshi of TONI&GUY – Lahore, Meher Najeeb, Peng Qureshi, Nighat Misbah of Depilex, Shaheen Raheem, President of the Pakistan Hair and Beauty Association Ruhana Iqbal, Hina of Natasha’s Salon, Aaliya Teepu, Aaliya Farooqui, Neelo, Mona J, Hina Farid of Blush, Tazeen of Mirrors,Qudsia of Qudsia’s Splendour in Lahore, Ujala Zia of The Dressing Table, Altaf, Beenish Parvez and Sayeeda Mandvivalla of Toni&Guy – Karachi.Huhhhh

I got to know much about the product in question i.e. INOA ,I read through some of the educational booklet that was given away to all the attendees. I found out that this is the only color that not only covers your greys 100% but also lets you go towards lighter shades(blondes,pinks etc) without having to cut down your dark hair color with bleach. Not only that, it is ammonia-free so less damage, no odour and also because it’ s Oil based delivery system (normal hair colors are water based) the result is much more radiant and shiny.

As for the event there were a few models lined up to showcase the new beautiful hair color. I loved their nifty little bright green belts on black gowns, the showstopper Neha Ahmed wore Sana Safinaz but somehow Hira Tareen was the only one who captured my attention others were just too insipid. There was a small live coiffure (hair styling) demonstration by Stacey Broughton on stage where he stylised and cut the hair of two models. All the attendees took home a bottle of L’Oreal Professionnels famed Mythic Oil and a few sachets of hair mask and shampoo.

The event was jam packed although it was a bit heavy on education part. I wish they served small food and drinks too at the end but then probably I am too spoiled.


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