Sana Safinaz copied Zara this time

All of us have been through this time and time again. Last year when I started this blog in Fall 2012 it was mostly because I was enraged by the sheer amount of design plagiarism in the fashion and apparel industry. I reached out to the high and mighty in the fashion and journalism front but sadly every one stayed hush hush so they mayn’t be ruffling someone’s feathers the wrong way. I started with a piece about Curious case of copies in fashion and sadly I have never run out of content.

This year it has been no different the lawn market seems quite fertile and lush everywhere. I have been privileged enough to attend 4 launch ceremonies but I refrained from writing much about them because I don’t really know  a lot about the design sensibilities of  the consumer or about the fabric to begin with. Just few days back a friend of mine whatsapped me a photo, it left me awestruck. You guessed it right. It was a design rip off yet again! and that also by renowned designer duo Sana Safinaz.


Some of the people from fashion and blogging  community have been praising the designer duo for their ‘creativity’ but what is the point of it all if you yourself don’t wear them or don’t know much about them. It is not that I hold a grudge against the brand Sana Safinaz in any way but it can’t really be a  coincidence that 2nd year in a row they ripped off another design from a popular brand without even altering it slightly. Kudos to their Chutzpah and also for letting down the whole design fraternity by their lack of originality.

The design in question is a Zara‘s silk wide leg pants from last year’s collection, and in Sana Safinaz’s version the exact same design motif is used on the on the the front of shirt piece. In the Sana Safinaz catalogue the designs are numbered as 11a and 11b. Although the silk pants retailed for around $90 this printed fabric retails for around $57.

I am aware of the fact that the ladies who might buy the lawn fabric won’t be affected by my act of naming and shaming plagiarism. But I hope that such well renowned designer brands don’t slag off like this in future or probably hire a better design team. I loved the large orange dress with the train that Neha wore in the brand’s stunning TVC but I guess in instances such as these the marketing gimmicks just fail to shine bright. It is better to do something bad on your own then to copy someone else badly.

p.s.Special thanks to Lollypop for the image.


23 responses to “Sana Safinaz copied Zara this time

  1. They do wear their own lawn, at least Safinaz does, I have seen her myself in it many times. If they have to get inspiration they should at least get it it from Chanel or Lanvin, what is the point of copying high street brands.

  2. This is a very brave effort and shame on Sana Safinaz for selling such expensive clothes which are not even thief own designs, what are they charging the customer for, plagirism doesn’t cost much money. As an ardent fan of SS I am very hurt.

  3. Good one Aamir! This is seriously eye opening. I was never very much fond of Sana Safinaz initially mainly because of the model (no offense) but now it had got down even more in my eyes. Never expected such stuff from such a huge name

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    • Yes, I totally agree. Iwish they could understand that we are not in Dark Ages anymore. Stakeholders take notice of such things. Thanks for links 🙂

  5. And the saddest bit is that this is the ONLY design of their that i loved and got so excited about buying, then to find out few days later that its a copy! I can’t even buy it anymore because that will turn me into a laughing stock amongst anyone who knows about this! So glad i didn’t buy it…

  6. Copying and plagirism.. thats what you are trying to tell to people.. right..
    I must tell you that its not only SANA SAFINAZ who just did the copy, there are many other brands or designer brands as to make it more prominent. I think you should try googling all the designs by name and you will find Khaadi, Gul AHmed, Alkaram and many other at large from your hands. Just in case if you couldnt find it, let me know, i will help you.
    Anyway, I just needed to tell you that its not only the duo who did it, although i aint a big fan too but i think its kind of a direct attack on them only.

    • Hello Uroosa,
      I second your thoughts and If you look closely I did write about Gulahmed, Khaadi, Origins RTW and other as well. And If you have more references, please share them too I shall be very thankful to you for that(I will credit you as a source if you want).

      Make no mistake I have no bones to pick with the designer duo. I am sorry if you feel that way, I have nothing to gain from this either but as a stakeholder I just wrote what I felt like.Hope this clears the air.

      Thank you

  7. great find. it is appaling to say the least. you should definitely try and get this piece published on ET or somewhere so this case of shameless plagiarism gets more exposure

    • Well ET did cover it in their own “way”. No one will say a word or dare calling it a copy. They called it inspiration. But people know they will know.

  8. The pattern used by Zara and Sana Safinaz is a well recognized one used in architecture, paintings, prints, furniture, etc. Neither one of them has ‘created’ it. It is already out there for anyone to use or be inspired from. So what is the hoohaa about?

    • Hello.
      How are you doing? I would be really thankful if you could please share some photos. There is no hooha about anything, as Zara copies everything from runways of Milan and Paris whereas these designers supposedly are awarded as the most inspirational and imaginative. They accuse others of copying which is hypocritical no?

  9. Sana Safinaz never make their designs , they bluntly ask Indus valley students to make some designs for them which are then sold by their name. Why not hire the designers in your label and work professionally?

    • Well I can’t say much about that since I don’t know about their business practices, but if it is so then it is quite sad to hear. But if you look at it, it is still better than copypasting some international brand!

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