The world is enchanted by the charming cricketer turned philanthropist and now vying to be Pakistan’s leading politician Imran Khan. You must have been living under a rock if you had not seen or heard of him, social media for one has almost been hijacked by this 60-yr old gentleman with looks to rival Hollywood stars. Why am I emphasizing his looks so much, well no one can deny that almost all of the women of our country had been lusting after him since his cricket days and also because there has been a famine of beauty in our political landscape. His ability to pull in massive crowds is unrivaled. But the question is will he be able to deliver as a politician?

All of the hoo haas that his political party has achieved has much to do with his imagery and symbolism, their strategy which seems to come up with an alternative for Pakistani voters; one which aims to revolutionize the country and get it out of socio-economic rut. Although the gentleman himself comes across as a mature and learned individual, I for one have become quite skeptical about the party’s potential and longevity as a dependable political force. The party PTI rose up from the hibernation only two three years back with clever emphasis on promotional schemes like telephone calls and social media content but is it all that one needs to succeed ?

So here are the top 5 things that I think he is a good alternative for voters in upcoming election:

  1. His party somehow has managed to formulate policies and manifestos for all the pressing issues of the country in very small frame of time
  2. He personally has never been tainted by a political scandal or involved in any corruption or has had any run-ins with the law. And besides we have tried every other alternative we might as well get this old fella a chance
  3. He and his party has successfully managed to instill  interest about politics in the minds of young and educated individuals who were previously fashionably apathetic about it
  4. He hasn’t made alliances with anyone of the two major political parties PPP & PML-N
  5. With a promise to empower the masses he has given hope to the underprivileged segments of our society

But the world aint all unicorns and rainbows. There are countless counter-arguments which say otherwise

  1. Whatever his party spokesperson say he has taken up two key people from the very parties he stands to oppose. With a party full of technocrats will he be able to connect to a farmer in Naudero, Larkana. 
  2. His solution of “Stop Drone Attacks, diss US and terrorism will eventually get better” is a bit too simplistic, and fairytale optimistic, rather he seems to have inclinations towards parties such as JI. Till this day he hasn’t had a clear stance against issues such as alleged violence in Khi by MQM.
  3. Although his economic policies are practical but he fails to explain that implementing them would be like swallowing a bitter pill initially. The trickle down effect will take multiple terms and just changing the top brass won’t beget results for big whale blunders of corporations like Pakistan Railways etc.
  4. The way his social media team  and spokespersons particularly deal with criticism with offensive language and hateful personal attacks clearly exposes the lack of political maturity and shows how his party once in power mayn’t be all that different from the ones we have.
  5. Lastly, with his focus on the young and educated voters one might question just  how many of those Facebook fans and Twitter followers will actually go and vote. Are they even eligible to vote? Do these young ones even know how a government is formed, what does bureaucracy do?

I know the PTI trolls will flood me with hateful comments but I sincerely wish that IK gets to have his say. So, we shouldn’t hear that he didn’t even get to try. Atleast he should be given a chance but at the end of the day my blog, or somebody else’s comments or tweets won’t win anybody a chance to rule the country.I sincerely hope the will of people gets to be the legitimate foundation of our upcoming government.


12 responses to “I CAN, I KHAN

  1. who said Zurain . Damn . now i see a Najam sethi in u ! what a great piece of reading . its so extensively well covered . May people wake up and not vote for P T I

    • Hahaha Allah muaf karey. I don’t want to feel like Najam Sethi. Thank you. I hope people vote for the one they like. Can’t profess to vote for one and not the other.

  2. I’ll vote for him inshaAllah on the mere basis that he has a clean record. No corruption scandal. That should be enough for giving someone a chance rather than choosing those who rule this country as a birthright. Even if he doesn’t do as well , heck I want a different leader this time around. Sick of the old tested-and-failed-again-and-again 🙂

  3. I’m Fatima from Jahangir Books. We published the book and I read it a number of times but, i didn’t like it. it was too self-centered and lacks coherence.

    • the book named ‘mai or mera pakistan’ and i wasn’t impressed by his self-boasting narrations and too much emphasis on the religious side of his glamourous persona! Why does his media campaign showed him offering prayers…. isn’t it an acceptance of the charges (I ownt call it rebutal bcz it was not)?

      • Have been following his campaign, I would say all the autobiographies are self boasting at times. I can’t comment much on his religious/glamorous persona because I personally think it is a flawed political marketing tactic. His party has one provincial government to run lets see how he and his party fares in performance and fulfilling the promises he made.

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