FPW 5 Day 1 (2/2)

In the second installment of day1, there was an equal mix of the good, the bad and the downright disappoitning.This one is going to be a bit long so brace yourselves guys!


Designer Ayesha Hasan used the ‘Zillij’ tile pattern and islamic wood work as her inspiration, all the pieces emphasized by simple drapes and seperates held together but golden tassles.But as more and more models walked out it was apparent that we were watching Sania Maskatiya’s show. The motifs, colors and even choice of fabric were almost similar to the Maskatiya pieces from yester years’ collections. It was hard to look past that but it is an important lesson for everybody that one should do market research and find out brand design elements that your competition has come to own over period of time.Do something original!. Good bit was the styling done by fellow blogger Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi, I loved model’s heads adorned with teekas .I liked the jacket with gota work worn by Nadia Hussain and the tile pattern pants paired with jacket which had gotta work on the lapels that was worn by Hira Tareen.

Ahsan Nazir, a PIFD graduate presented his eclectic collection of clothing. Most of his pieces had an ethnic blue green micro print, sewn in with solid colored panels and then embellished with ample amount of embroidery. His eclecticism at times surpassed my limited aesthetic palate. I loved the zig zag patterned vests he showed in menswear coupled with colored pants carried amazingly by models Tabish Oza and Ather Amin. The womenswear however was like the aunty nextdoor’s boutique in terms of options and garment shapes.

Just in time to lift my spirits up was menswear by Emraan Rajput, his collection was titled denimology. It was a either a lighter weight denim or something along the lines of chambray of medium blue color(it wasn’t faded or washed, just raw denim fabric). Black machine embroidery was used as accents on shoulders, arms and on the front. And it did supply ample options from sherwanis to suits, shirts and even a range shalwars made out of denim. A very coherent and commercial collection, reminded me a lot of denim shalwar kameez that Gulabo did years back. I particularly liked the drop crotch pants and the denim khusas.

After that powerdose of denim, it was Amna Aqeel‘s turn to exhibit her craft, the announcement said it was for bold women. The glove that models were wearing on their right hands referenced Michael Jackson’s tour costumes. The colors were black and white with gold embellishments.The elements of it were quite good but somehow I couldn’t wrap my head around the way individual pieces were paired. The gold embellishment was quite decadent , I liked the chain fringe top, the gold embroidered pants and the bolero jacket worn by Fauzia. A top with a voluminous cape-like back seemed to be inspired from Alexander McQueen’s collection and  a pair of shorts bore great resemblance to shorts by Balmain.The styling of this show was also done by done by fellow blogger Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi.

Rizwanullah, the fashion’s bad boy who never fails to impress, didn’t impress me much this time. His collection comprised of a colorful modern art print paired with his signature basic black in a gazillion ways. All the pieces high on drama and with Faeza Ansari strutting her life out on the runway. But the pieces did look unimaginative and poorly constructed  the stitching was not straight, and folds were not neat. Mubashir Jamshad‘s ensemble almost made him look like a character out of Tim Burton’s movie.

Second last to show was Faiza Saqlain, again a design student and yet a again a big let-down because of her banal pieces.Her collection titled ‘Marvi’ was a bad rendition of Sindhi folk art, her collection can be aptly explained by this equation:Fnkasia + bad copy of Wardha Saleem = Faiza saqlain. The woven details inspired from Wardha and the embroidery applique inspired from FnkAsia, another piece worn by Faiza seemed to have a silhouette similiar to Lanvin. So lets just put our hands together for half original styling, where the headpieces again were quite quirkily beautiful.

Last collection to show was from Bani D, and oh what did you D? The title said ‘Seraiki belt meets western world’ Really? Starting with a live singing performance that didn’t seem to end, models Ayaan and Ather Amin walked out , the guy wearing a piece made out of TULLE with gota work on the collar.Its ok I understand its hot in Seraiki belt but what else? Nothing amused me after seeing so many clothes in 1 day. The only likeable thing about this collection was the jewelry and red thread tassels that models are wearing in their hands.I kinda liked the the lone printed kurta in menswear but not drool-worthy. Sania Saeed closed the show wearing a tightly fitted punjabi shalwar kameez which had interesting elements.

That was all for Day 1 of FPW 5!

P.S. All the images belong to their respectful owners.


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