FPW Day 2 (2/2)

Here is my last installment of FPW 5 coverage. The second part of of FPW 5 Day 2 coverage had a lot of highs and lows. There were these big names from whom I had even bigger expectation, some were met while others just failed to rise up to the occasion.

fpw2 p2

Starting with local textile giant Gulahmed’s collection, I was happy to see some  large draped pieces made out of their lawn collection for change. It was good to see that they actually did something different rather than making plain shalwar kameez out of them, the models Faeza Ansari and Rabya Chaudry twirled around in those voluminous pieces so much that it almost seemed like a little girl is playing dress up with bed sheets. I liked two of their digital prints but what started as exciting contemporary options ended with kameez and kurtas.

Jafferjees were a pleasant surprise as well, thankfully there were no crazy NineWest kinda moments like last year rather they teamed up with Wardha Saleem and Nubain Ali to create ensembles around their merchandise. The theme was 9 to 5 and it showed the how bags form a major part of our lives throughout the day. The  fabrics of choice was satins and silks in the colors of cappuccino cream and gold.The checkered box suit reminded me a lot of Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 collection and another piece seemed to be inspired from Christian Dior‘s famed new look. But towards the end of presentation, bags were a bit-too big for evening wear they were paired with, I would have liked to see clutches there.

Hajra Hayat  had quite an immodest start with Ayaan‘s outfit being so translucent that you could actually see her dark underpants (why would one wear dark underpants on a light colored garment & btw why not a thong? ) There were good pieces but at times the fabric used was too light weight and flimsy.It felt like sleepwear for feudals(because it was embellished). Had the designer been not too keen on over embellishing the pieces it could have been quite a decent collection, the footwear was also inappropriate at times.The long dress on Nadia Hussain would have looked better without the embroidery on the waist the blue on the top was ample enough.

Hasina Khanani the denim queen as I like to refer to her didn’t quite live upto my expectations, since her PFW London collection was quite fun. I didn’t agree with her use of chains ,which seemed to have formed the main theme of her collection, but her denim fabric had very interesting wash on black short dress and I kinda liked the kurta Tabish Oza wore.

Renowned brand Sana Safinaz certainly didn’t disappoint me. There were some really sexy yet wearable pieces starting from short dresses in animal prints to long blue gowns in the end.It may not have been cohesive but it had a lot of options. There was an announcement about their upcoming pret retailstore in Dolmen Mall Clifton and I am surely looking forward to that. Their collection proved that they are like  Michael Kors of Pakistan.My personal favoruites were the beaded dress on Faeza Ansari, the long blue gown on Nadia Hussain and the sole Ikat print on Hira Tareen.

Nauman Arfeen blew up the roof, it was the only show that made me feel that it was worth it to attend FPW. His collection was titled ‘Sands of Time’  and consisted of menswear in the sandstone hued pieces. The styling added just the requisite amount of drama but at the end of it all the pieces were quite wearable. I really liked the embroidery on the piece worn by Nadia Hussain, and the sherwani worn by Jahan E Khalid also had some great pleating detail on the sleeves.

Deepak Perwani  (who also serves as the Creative Director  of FPW 5) presented a contemporary and fresh collection titled ‘ Frida Kahlo goes to Kharadar’, full of pop art digital prints having  Frida Kahlo imagery. The styling was just beautiful, hats off to Sabs for doing an amazing job with flowers in the hair, the unibrow and the front braid. Again there were a lot of options to chose from, my personal favourites were the menswear look on Mubashir Jamshed,  the long red dress and the tote bags. One of the short dresses looked really similiar to Dolce & Gabbana‘s Spring 2013 collection with crystal embellishments on the neckline and darts in the front .And lastly for some reason I hated the long black dress worn by Nadia Hussain and sparkly tights on Ayaan they  just didn’t go with the whole collection.

So thats all folks!

P.S. All the photos belong to their respectful owners.


6 responses to “FPW Day 2 (2/2)

    • Oh hello, how are you doing?
      Did they really ban you? That is very deplorable on their part. I personally got a lot of bashing from all quarters because of that but I am not afraid to call spade a spade.
      I would have to check If I am banned or not 😛

      What did you think of the FPW collections?

  1. Haha yes. I posted a link of your blog there , being a disappointed SS fan. I cannot like or comment or message them now 🙂 i know, deplorable. lost all respect. @FPW my favourite was Deepak Perwani . and your reviews are very genuine. though I think photo accompanying the description would be more helpful for us in reading, rather than assorted images at end 🙂

    • Thanks for compliments. The very purpose of me writing this is so people get unbiased reviews. As for your suggestion I would surely experiment with the layout.

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