“Creatively Inspired” Lagerfeld or Nabila

As it turns out I have found my niche. That is spotting designs that look similar aka inspired aka copied. I had thought that Aamiriat would die down because I won’t find content to blog about but as it turns out I was utterly wrong. Just this March I was watching Chanel‘s Spring Summer 2013 Couture collection, as expected it was breathtakingly beautiful the grand set made to look like an actual forest, the pristine white tweed jackets and the makeup and styling was done  by Creative Director of Chanel Makeup,  Peter Philips.

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So the deal is while browsing through photos of  a hairdressing show, I saw that some of these models had headdresses  that were a little similar to the ones at the Chanel‘s 2013 Spring Summer couture show. This time probably I am  just connecting too many dots, but the concept of using two girls  is also a little similar.  The twist in this turn of events is for one Nabila did this thing in 2012 , while the Chanel Spring Summer Couture 2013 collection styled by Peter Philips was presented in 2013 .

 L’Oreal Professionnel’s theatrical hairdressing show was called Somptueux and it apparently took place in March 2012. When I googled it up, I found out that ‘Somptueux’ is a French word meaning ‘luxurious’, the purpose was to showcase L’Oreal Professionnel‘s new range. The presentation was impeccably styled by the legendary Nabila Maqsood (the one we used to see in Sunsilk ads) & dresses were by designer Zaheer Abbas. I wonder where I was when the show took place at IVS Karachi, because  it was nothing short of a couture show mixed with an incredibly dramatic hairdressing presentation.

I have emailed  and reached out to Chanel on every social media platform but I obviously don’t expect a response from them. On the other hand when I reached out to Nabila  Maqsood & N-Pro they were unavailable to comment due to PFDC fashion week in Lahore.

So as it turns out it is not always us Pakistanis being inspired but foreign megabrands also happen to accidentally pick up the same design references.But having said that there is not a fine line but  a glaring difference between being inspired( the case here) and just plainly copying and pasting.


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