PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 2

Day 2 started with the usual humdrum, it is strange to see that almost all glitterati present there was the same as Karachi. Does Lahore have anybody significant that we don’t have at our fashion weeks, the same editors, writers,  the rich aunties, ogling uncles etc. The show started with the textile people again probably these lawn people have bought into everything and the worst part of it their clothes aren’t exciting enough to be on the runway either.Another observation was the fact that models lineup isn’t really good this time. Rhubab is back, there is one new dark skinned model Maham from Khawar Riaz, but overall it somehow falls flat.I miss Iraj’s walk. Day 2 was styled by Toni&Guy.

pfdc day 2

On Day 2 there were 4 of these textile people showcasing, starting with Sitara Textile, today they were showing us their menswear range which basically cotton shalwar kameez straight out of their catalogues, I wonder why don’t these factory owners hire interns even from design schools to do something exciting for ramp. It was a boring 10 minutes of banal shalwar kameez.(-10/10, Z for WTH were you here?)

2nd to show were the folks from Ittehad Textiles, thankfully more imaginative by having 4 peculiar segments. There were floral prints mixed with tulle net, solid colored fabric and accented with mac embroidery.The second segment showed two really eccentric geometric patterns on them, 3rd one to come were some white ensembles amazingly styled with glasses made up of lace and the 4th segment was probably a design student’s assignment portfolio of everything termed funk.I liked the lace glasses, the 70s geometric print ensemble and also the white shirt with zippers on  the model Mohammad.(4/10, C+ for those lace glasses and white ensembles)

When designs from Moon Textiles hit the ramp,  it was the time I was thinkin they should come up with a lawn fashion week where they can parade boring lawn joras down the runway as much as they want. Moon textiles again wasn’t a relief. The cuts, shapes were kinda safe, but the prints were crazy experimental, so much so they made me giggle. There were metropolitan skylines at night, the African savannah, feline eyes, a psychedelic black/white swirl and even a stone arch.I wish they manipulated these crazy prints in more experimental ways too. But I personally liked the black and gold tile print on Cybil and the psychedelic black and white swirl print on Saima Azhar.(3.5/10, C+ for experimental prints)

Lala Textiles followed suit , although I must say they have come a long way and have caught up a lot from brands such as GulAhmed on how to stay relevant. They had used their chiffon dupatas and plain shalwar ka kapra to make western pieces. The gold yellow jumpsuits on Fia, another on Rabya Chaudry, and long black colored tunic made of eyelets fabric paired with printed pants on Mehreen Syed were some pieces that caught my attention. The flowers in hair looked nice on some but out of place on others. (3.5/10, C- for very bleh designs)

The first designer to present was Shehla Chatoor, with her incredibly sexy collection of dresses, togas and wraps she took everybody from lawn Lahore to LA red carpet. Accentuated by use of tassels  belts, chains and even some gold gladiator sandals, her collection was epitome of extravagance and glamour. The gold coin jewelry,  the roman prints everything was so decadent by the end of it I had ‘The mask jaw drop” moment. Loved every piece of it. For me this was the collection of Day 2. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of were the long black tassels on some dresses. When she herself walked out in the end she was looking like a million dollars.(8/10, A for incredibly sexy collection)

But my excitement didn’t last long, a designer named Somal Halepoto ‘s collection named ‘Bahaar’ came up, and sadly there were no flowers blooming inside of me after seeing the clothes. It was all too ‘Facebook boutique’ shapes for me,If I want to see such designs I would rather log on to facebook page selling such things than see a PFDC  fashion week collection. The only thing remotely exciting were the wooden round collar accessories on the models.(2.5/10, C- for unimaginative garments)

It continued to go downhill with Ayesha F. Hashwani’s ‘Cruise Collection 2013’. The whole collection composed of separates and had embroidery appliqued on them. Although the lady makes pretty decent stuff otherwise and she herself dresses exceptionally well.The collection was poor, it just didn’t sit well with the whole image, there were times it was verging on the lines of cheap.(2/10, D+ for her own image not good at all)

Designer duo Nickie and Nina‘ showcased their ready-to-wear collection named ‘Swinging Byzantium’. To start off it is good to see somebody taking inspiration from hings other than Islamic art. The collection was in the tones of burnt orange, dull gold, browns with hints of dull teal. The embellishments were executed a lot better than I would have expected them to but those and the jewelry especially looked really similar to Dolce and Gabbana’s latest collection. My favourites were the short dress paired with a jacket on Nadia Ali, the coat dress on Fouzia and the short dress blue-gray dress with horizontal lines of  embellishment on Nadia Hussain. (6/10, B for taking  inspiration for sources other than islamic empire:P)

Fashion heiress Feeha Jamshed presented a monochromatic collection with a hint of metallics. She showed off her signature 60s influences which are heritage  of her father TeeJay’s brand. There was parade of black n white prints in the start of the show and then it graduated towards eveningwear consisting of shiny alternatives. My favorites were the long black dress with straps on the back worn by Fouzia, the white top with leather details paired with flowy paint on Fia,the shimmering white embroidered tunic worn by Amna Ilyas, and the grey sequined ensemble worn by Mehreen Syed. (6.5/10, B for wearability)

Yasir Waheed put the colors back in  with his eclectic collection full of truck art design motifs. I really loved the fact that he didn’t just replicate the chamak pati craft like Gulabo rather he had manipulated it slightly and included the truck tyre imprints and other such peculiarities. The first few pieces consisting solid colored garments were yawn inducing but as the collection progressed I started appreciating the prints and the tyre marks. Hated the first few solid colored outfits especially the one in white cotton eyelet fabric.(7/10, B+ for tyre print and manipulation of tired concept)

Second last to show were Asifa & Nabeel, their collection called ‘Par to Noor‘ paid homage to a disabled artist and his work. The predominant colors in their collection were sandstone, gold, light brown, forest green and black. The machine embroidery along the hemlines and sides often resembled the  cheap trims available in the local market.But I really liked their innovative waist coat on the male model and the embroidered pants paired with translucent top on Fia. Their earrings were also worthy of mention.(5.5/10, C+ for their audacity to show options)

Last show of the day was Fahad Hussayn with his collection called ‘Praxus’ meaning a mythical world of warriors who fight for love. The colors were demure and in the shades of grey, white, mauve, gold and burnt amber.His immaculate use of prints, and the styling further amped up the whole collection as  he is often touted to be Pakistan’s Alexander McQueen. His collection this was not as high on drama as he has had previously but it was more practical. I can see people wearing the jackets he showed in menswear or the white gown with metallic embroidery worn by Amna Ilyas.(7.5/10, A- for his prints and dramatic styling)

P.S. All the photos belong to their respective owners.


6 responses to “PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 2

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your appreciation. But frankly I am biased towards some, as you can notice I never like bridal thingies or lawns. Everybody has got their demons to fight. 🙂

      Keep reading!

  1. I really liked reading your point of view… You had something to SAY unlike many others who keep blabbing about nothing and you skip the text to reach for the picture to decide for yourself. But really did you like Shehla’s collection to make it 8 on 10???? Its the same with her since her debut.

    • Hello Alina,
      How are you doing?
      Thank you so much for the appreciation. As for Shehla Chatoor’s clothes, you are right she has this signature sexy slinky dress look that she has been doing for a while, but if you notice designers have this signature thingy like HSY’s decadent embroidery, Maheen Khan’s no nonsense separates, and Fahad Hussayn’s dark glamour. I rate the designers not overall based on the day’s collection. After all that lawn, for me she deserved an 8.

  2. i just love the rating scale sciences in ur blogposts on PSFW. and what detailed review. so good. as i tweeted was vey much a Karachi Invasion in lahore. there were moments that i had to remind my self that i m in lahore. 😀 no no i m not getting in to KHi /Lhr debate but I bet lahore somewhere deepdown must be thinking …where do we stand ?” let see who r ur rating scale top ten designers are ? i wont be surpised if it is designers from the “other council” (as HSY said in his finale statement) dominated

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