PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 3

After two days of relentless critiquing fashion that too while having a day job is taking its toll on me. Blogging is a thankless job,especially if you don’t get compensated for it. On the day 3 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, I was still waiting for that aha moment that makes it all worthwhile. Keeping up with the Pakistani tradition, the show started late, but having said that it had its fair share of pleasantries.Day 3 was styled by sister duo Maram and Abroo.


The presentations commenced with the usual humdrum of  Textile people, it was Lakhany Silk Mills  claiming to create “a visceral impact and provide a fashion experience like none other”. After looking at their lawn joras with not a single exciting print or a new shape of garment, I deduce to say that I am anything but deeply moved rather felt drowsy. The only noticeable thing about their presentation was models walking bare feet.(0/10,Z for being so “visceral”)

2nd to present were folks from Shariq Textiles, their collection titled ‘Seventh Emotion’, had supposedly drawn “inspiration from the renowned paintings of famed artist Frida Kahlo“. I mayn’t be that artsy but I know my Frida, where was she in any of the pieces they showed? They made those long dresses  and created drama using a tulle net as a veil. But what was it besides the dime a dozen print lawn joras ? Not a single signature element in prints, all too banal.(0/10, Z for being so non-Frida yet using her name to sound fancy)

3rd was a strangely named Nimsay,(which sounded like some variety of fried Nimco products to me) a brand from Nimra Textiles.Their hodgepodge collection was  called ‘Enigma’ and comprised “Parsa Lawn, Embroidered classics, Verve (ready to wear) and Aura (fancy party).” What is “Fancy Party” by the way? Anyways, they were comparatively more contemporary than their predecessors. Few prints caught my attention like the horizontal stripes buttoned up tunic on Nadia Ali and checkered box print mixed with paisley on Maham.(1/10, X for some relief)

Then it was thankfully the last “textile” wala to show the Firdous Textile Mills, the ones that always use Bollywood actresses in their lawn ads.Thankfully it was not just plain pajama kameez joras that I had been looking at for past 3 days, there were some nice western pieces. Liked the voluminous frock on Rabia Butt, the short dress on Faeza Ansari and two menswear looks had really interesting bags.(2.5/10, T for experimenting and not having a gimmicky name).

Gratefully the time for these lawn people was over, one of Pakistani fashion industry’s veteran Rizwan Beyg made a great comeback with his truck art heavy collection named ‘Rangg‘. The chamak pati craft had been replicated on accessories or as accents on garments in a “riot of colors”.There were dramatic western shapes signature of Rizwan Beyg’s line, and also a multitude of bright solid colored garments but my favorites were the jackets on men, the bags and the footwear. (7/10, B+ for making colorful accessories).

2nd designer lined up was Zonia Anwaar, with her beautifully draped ‘The Baronial of Kremlin’ collection.There was Moscow’s Kremlin inspired color palette with Hollywood of the gleaming 1970s. There were plenty chiffon,organza-esque draped pieces much like a Draping 102 class assignment, minimal embellishments.  Few good pieces but it was kinda vanilla,it would have been better if she could have made the styling or the presentation more theatrical.Having said that I quite liked the necklace and the green top she wore herself.(6.5/10, C for such a plain vanilla collection)

Nida Azwer presented ‘The William Morgan & Morris’ 2013 collection which the write up said was inspired from the works of William De Morgan, potter/tile designer and Morris, artist and designer.So there were plenty of flowing leaves and a few pheonix prints. Nothing too extraordinary, but I appreciate she ventured out of those Islamic art motifs everybody seems to be crazy about and the oriental prints that are going to be an overkill in near future. Demure color palette, separates, jumpsuits and tunics blah blah. (5/10, C for all those pheonix prints)

Designer Mohsin Ali (who is known for his colorfully eccentric personal wardrobe choices), showed a collection called ‘plus NOKIA’ drawing  inspiration from the bright colours of the Nokia Lumia smartphones.Although I like the designer’s choice of colors but it didn’t really look/feel like  Lumia phones, and somehow this collection wasn’t exciting enough rather seemed immature.The sequin rose and the  prints looked really weird. (1/10, Y for why did you do this, I had high expectations).

Designer duo Sana Safinaz showcased their their Spring/Summer collection, ‘Urban Chic’. Some of the pieces were same as the ones shown in FPW5.As mentioned before I liked quite a few pieces from their resort collection like the bronze beaded short dress they showed on Faeza Ansari. But there were three stars for me here in PFDC: the deep pink kaftan gown on Cybil,black draped short dress on Rabia Butt and also the yellow strapless gown on Fouzia.(8/10, B+ for glamorous pieces)

Layla Chatoor was the third last designer to show her ‘Ayesha‘ collection inspired from a 1931 print of the same name curated at Victoria and Albert Museum. She had further used zardozi embroidery to embellish her ensembles. There were plenty of options: kameezes, short dresses, pencil skirt and long gowns with slits.My two favourites were: the long white gown on Rabya Chaudry and dull brown short dress with a slinky scraf like cloth draped across the body. But there were quite a few really odd pieces though. (6.5/10.D for at times oddly mixing things and not editing collection properly)

Adnan Pardesy presented his luxury prèt-a-porter collection, ‘Ellipses’. Its primary influences were “the essence of minimalism” but the pieces were  glamorized by use of traditional kora work and tonal sequins.His pieces were by far the most unlike him I have seen, as there was no textural excitement(mostly silks/satins were used) and there was minimal drama rather a romantic evening wear version of Pardesy. Although I must commend how he managed to create a waving checkerboard effect  using sequins on two pieces. My favs was the long dress on Mehreen Syed and the checkered box sequin short black dress.(6/10,D for not showing more texture)

The last presentation of the Day 3 was by Karma Pink titled ‘Gatsby‘ probably taking inspiration from the upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Great Gatsby‘. The styling had all the key 1920’s influences: the finger waves and the short bob, the headbands,and in the end even the caps.The clothes had a great variety and proved the fact that if the styling is theatrical the clothes automatically start looking more interesting. All of the pieces heavily used pearls,sequins and crystals for embellishments.Speaking of which a vests on Mehreen Syed  looked really similar to Balmain‘s 2012 collection. I liked the first half and the end of the show the rest were like fillers i.e. the pink jumpsuit on Saima Azhar, the yellow top with matching pants,the green top with striped pants,the dark blue kameez and even the long red dress on Nadia Hussain didn’t fit in. (8/10 B+ for dramatic styling)

P.S. The photos belong to their respective owners


2 responses to “PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 3

  1. I wish u had ignored the “day” shows . LOL. like many did . bad fashion frustrates ones self. 0 to 2.5 for 4 day collections. haha . Lucky Firdous ;D and mano ya na mano. Rubya Ch has never looked this good :):)

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