Connecting dots of “Inspiration”

Having been covering our dime a dozen fashion shows for a few seasons, I guess now even the blind can connect the dots and see how well our local tweeps have been bringing designs and trends from international runways to the local consumer.Fashion has practically been taken out from Milan and brought to Mianwali. Say if you liked a piece from Milan Fashion Week’s runway, you might just get a watered-down rendition of it from a local designer.

mothers day 2 copy

Internationally, there are a lot of examples: French brand Balenciaga brought Indian Jodhpurs and middle eastern kaffiyeh  to the western consumer by their 2010 collection,then the Italian Roberto Cavalli and other european designers  flooded the runways with Caftans in 2011, French Chanel even named its whole collection to Indian art and architecture in its resort collection of 2011 and lastly the now eponymous ‘Skinny’ pants made popular by French Dior Homme recently, were a punk staple – a concept originally commercialized as ‘Drainpipe Jeans’ by British Vivienne Westwood in 1970s. I could go on and on.

But our indigenous designers with explosion of Internet and other means have been able to ‘translate’ these international trends into their designs much faster and cheaper figuratively speaking. You can’t help but gasp at dramatic presentations of exquisite garments on the Parisian runway but now you don’t have to because you can get similar experience locally too.

Although none of  them have claimed so but below are references of pieces that I assume Pakistani designers to have been INSPIRED from.

All the images belong to their respective owners


18 responses to “Connecting dots of “Inspiration”

  1. Khadija Shah of Elan actually seems to have liberally taken the artwork and use it without permission of the artist Joel D Edwards..hiring a graphic artist isnt that difficult..

  2. most blatant ‘inspiration’ by karma and ali xeeshan. dont see the biggie with the painting one; doesnt seem like an exact reproduction and designers derive inspiration from artwork all the time. but i think ppl r taking this the wrong way, its not that. designers copy, its that trends etc diffuse throughout the world. put this tired debate to rest. i appreciated your intention with this article though, aamir which was to point out the diffusion of intl trends.

    • Hello,
      How are you doing? Thanks for your comment.My intent was rather far reaching but I am glad you got it. As for elan’s print, it’s taken off without the original designer’s permission I suppose.But yes there are supposed to get inspired from somewhere, they do it overseas as well.
      A more trend focused post to follow soon.

  3. sadly these designer are not inspired they r copying their work and using their name proudly that its our creation if they really inspired they use the person name or art piece whom they inspired

    • Hello,
      How are you doing? Some of them are blatant copies but some have modified the designs and made them their own. So technically one can’t really say it is a copy.Some do quote sources.Thank you for commenting though I really appreciate it.

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