Nida Azwer Atelier Launch – KHI

I was privileged to be invited to the launch of designer Nida Azwer’s retail store in the newly opened Ocean Tower last week. When I reached there I found out that it was the only store that had opened up, rest of the mall which is still under construction felt quite barren. And compared to Dolmen Mall Clifton and others it feels rather claustrophobic.

2013-06-01 18.52.55

Reading on the press release handed over to me by the PR personnel.I found out that this is the retail store exclusively for Nida Azwer’s pret line ‘The White label’ (which reads like Ralph Lauren rip off).She has been designing since 2005 and is a graduate from the “prestigious” (Cough) IVS.

As for the clothes on display there were some nice separates in modern silhouettes.The digital print tunics, the silk jumpsuit in a demure pink and the owl print pants were my favourites. Although the press release says that the screen prints are Nida Azwer’s signature, I beg to differ because I think the gold glitter dust screen printing should be done away with(some of the pieces looked rather cheap because of it). But on having a close look I was disappointed to see lose threads and other defects in some articles of clothing. One should always do extensive quality control checks before inviting press to show them at an opening.

Designed by the YOC’A team headed by Ahsan Jamil Bilgrami, the store itself looked quite beautiful, it reflects the brand’s identity of gold and white quite well. But walking into the store I found out there is not much innovativeness in the product merchandising.It was basically rows of hangers and a few shelves on both left and right, ending into a weird rectangular enclosure platform of some sort.The consumer journey was rather lack luster. Having said that I liked the metallic accents on the walls, the gold detailing on the floor inside and the relief work at the entrance was also quite beautiful though.


2 responses to “Nida Azwer Atelier Launch – KHI

  1. I went there but just for five minutes didn’t even get chance to check out clothes in detail.

    • Aww. You should visit again, some pieces are quite nice. Some that is. Good for women who don’t have time to battle it out with tailors and all.

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