How big are you?

Aamiriat despises fat people. Yes you read it correctly “Aamiriat despises Fat people”.It is not a surprising fact that there are herds of obese mammals roaming around in our society(Having said that I despise the way people judge and shame them). It is not everyday that I wake up with a positive mindset and stumble across something really cool. Just yesterday I spotted a very profound design by a local clothing brand. I immediately started asking people around me what do they think about it and if they would wear it.


Daaman, is a pret-a-porter womenswear brand started by a LUMS grad Maleeha Chaudry in 2009. Her designs are usually fuss free and target young females that are too busy to make countless rounds to the local tailor. The tunic in question is a simple clean silhouette but accessorised around the waist with a belt resembling a measuring tape. Yes a measuring tape.

In a society which is increasingly “fat shaming” and is obsessed about inches. It wont be an understatement if I say that we as a nation are obsessed with size. Let it be the size of your car, your house, or you bodily endowments.The symbolism in this seemingly abstract design of using measuring tape is immensely profound.I say profound because the trouble with fat shaming is that it has become so intrinsic in our culture that it is almost accepted as the norm.

An overweight blogger named ‘Lesley‘ wrote a harrowing tale about her experience on a website called Xojane. You can read about it here.But I believe with our Pakistani society the experiences of fat people here would have be even more offensive considering that we often infringe on personal space/choices.

Although the ulterior motive behind this particular dress by the brand Daaman remains a mystery, it should serve as a great conversation starter about obesity, the obsession with size zero and also the rampant fat shaming that goes around. And unlike US based organization Strong4Life‘s message, Daaman‘s design is not abhorrent, offensive or repugnant in anyway because at the end of the day the only thing you can tell for sure by looking at a fat person is the degree of your own bias against fat people.


9 responses to “How big are you?

  1. I might be missing a point here, but this is sending conflicting message. So you hate fat people but you came across something cool and changed your mind? Or you hate fat people but also hate the fact that society shuns them?

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