WOV-en Pret

Pret a porter which means ‘Ready-to-Wear’ is touted to be the next big thing in Pakistani fashion. In the last decade alone one has seen the mushroom growth of many a brands ranging to classic T-shirt jeans manufacturers to the more eastern design houses like Generations and Almirah. I recently came across a relatively new brand called ‘WOV’ which as it turned out was not only quite approachable in terms of design but also economical.


To the fashion novice, pret basically means clothing items that can be worn directly off the rack without any significant alterations. So contrary to bespoke and made to measure clothing, pret is supposed to be affordable(which is not often the case).I have seen quite a few people claim that we are affordable and they charge around Rs.5000 for a simple straight line tunic(Whereas a 3 piece Lawn jora costs the same). The allure of WOV was that it started as low as Rs.1900 and didn’t go higher than Rs.5000(the priciest piece that I saw was Rs.4500).Moreover pret has to be practical, it is insane to see the fabric so translucent that it is almost immodest to wear them. WOV’s design are very mishmash of desi lines with a western sensibilities.

Talking to the WOV designer Hena Anwar, I found out that most of her fabric used in her designs is woven hence the name WOV (I had been curious about it all along). The good thing about woven textiles is that unlike Knits they don’t lose shape and often have more interesting finish/texture. Her latest collection which has been featured in Sunday Times features some solid colored pieces paired with prints that are designed for the average south asian woman. I say average because she designs for the real Pakistani woman, not some avant garde stuff you could expect from designers like Fahad Hussayn.

And oh did I tell you she design some basic eastern menswear like kurtas and all too(starting from Rs.1900). Oh yes I hope to get one for myself the upcoming Eid!


4 responses to “WOV-en Pret

  1. I think “WOV” is slightly weak at few element’s. First, I kind of think the designs are not flattering when it come to fit on body. Secondly those printed trousers are not complimenting the shirts (especially the Red shirt ). Styling is weak as well. I appreciate the photographer’s vision for making the clothes look better.
    My Point is economically things can be done better, that is what Designers are for…!

    • I agree with you on the fact that economical things can also be designed well.I hope the designer reads your feedback and works on it.

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