Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Launch

Having been born with problem skin and somehow placed in hot humid climate by destiny I have struggled with breakouts half of my life. I took to googling the problem and frankly tried almost every product and home remedy. Contrary to popular belief the acne or breakouts are not a puberty-only thing and shouldn’t be left to nature to take its course. Garnier Pakistan has recently launched a new line in their Skin Naturals category called Garnier Pure Active to address breakouts and skin imperfections.

Garnier SN Pure Active

My 6 years of online search has told me that acne has more to do with bodily secretions and skin than just basic cleanliness. The most common problem being hormonal imbalance, overactive sebacious glands and skin’s inability to rid itself of dead skin cells in a timely manner often results in clogged pores and hence A PIMPLE. The miracle ingredient for me has been Salicylic Acid, a beta hydroxy acid which works as an exfoliant to gently slough away dead skin cells preventing clogging of pores, and rids you of excess oil.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active has come out with 3 products all of them containing Salicylic acid as the active ingredient: a basic gel wash, an exfoliating scrub and a 3 in 1 product (that works as a deep wash purifier, a scrub which unclogs pores and a mask that mattifies the skin).

Although I really liked the fresh scent of Garnier Pure Active range and the fact that they are gentler to skin unlike others.I personally don’t recommend the idea of scrubbing/exfoliating acne prone skin or skin that is already inflamed. Moreover the idea of 3 in 1 might be novel at the moment but I  personally don’t approve of shampoo conditioner, cleanser toner combos either.The claim of blurring out the marks also remains to be established as they are often quite stubborn and take a lot of time to blur.

Lastly if you are experiencing severe inflammation, dryness or redness on your face I would advise you all to consult a dermatologist(skin doctor) because no beauty salon aunty or Over-the-Counter product can help you. You need professional help! Don’t pick, press or touch pimples. Don’t use products that contain active ingredients more than twice a day as they may make your skin hypersensitive. If there is any ingredient you don’t know about reach up to me I’ll be more than happy to help.

P.s. It would be better if Garnier could send bloggers samples to review their products. As products hit the market shelves quite late!


10 responses to “Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Launch

  1. Last year I got a really bad pimple. It left a scar. And then I used a face wash that somehow got left on my face (residue) and my whole cheek got rashes. But thank God I fixed it up with some salicylic acid and lasted me some embarrassing days. After that terror filled three months, I stopped using any product on my face. I just used a normal germ killing soap and that too rarely. Just scrubbed my face with water. And in those 9 months, I only got four or five zits in all.

    So now, I am personally against using any product on your face. No matter what a product claims to be, just go natural on your face. If there’s a zit/pimple, leave it and it will go in a week.

    I learnt this lesson the hard way, and I hope people would learn to just love themselves as they are and stop messing with their faces.

    • Yes, self medication is often the biggest problem and I never advise leaving it to take nature’s course. Sometimes the problems can escalate into serious some shit.

  2. There is no use of it Amir. Don’t know how their mind works they all want you to write about their stuff but it kills them to provide pr samples. On the other hand I love to write about some middle eastern brands. I am a loyal customer of some brands based in ksa and UAE and they are kind enough to send me pr samples even in Pakistan though it’s against their policy they only deal with their national bloggers but I am an exception.

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