The bad & the downright ugly at PFW London 4

Few weeks back Amir Khan (the boxer) tied the knot with Faryal Makhdoom, good for them but their photos brought out a disgusted expression on my face I didn’t know whether it was the tranny makeup on the bride(Which she has a history of) or the bad costumes that looked like a gift wrap of mithai (traditional sweets) box. I concluded its the bad taste ofย overseas South Asians. Just last month Riwayat’s Pakistan Fashion Week 4 in London nailed the coffin. Last time around I highlighted the nicer pieces but this time I choose to be less forgiving.


I am usually not that nationalist or discriminatory for that matter but South Asians living overseas seem to have developed one of the worst tastes in Fashion overtime. If the example of Khan/Makhdoom wedding is not enough then Riwayat PFW London time and time again proves that ugly costumes that don’t fit well, are not cut well and are replete with shiny glittery materials are sadly the way to go there. Fourth time in a row designs were so ridiculous, I wonder if there is some authority to check who designs and presents them in context of Pakistani Fashion and who can call themselves designers.

The mallu/tamil colors, the ghastly shiny textiles, the Tariq road side pathan-cuts and the vomit of patterns. The floor length panelled frock has been done to death (The silhouette needs to evolve).There were so many things wrong it is hard to pin point everybody but the organizers.

To start, Bombay Store‘s odd cuts and shapes were so unflattering, its my open challenge to the designer to make these pieces ย look good on any woman on earth, the silhouette ,the excuse of a drape just accentuated the wrong parts of body.

Bani D who showed the same collection at FPW in April should have edited her collection because restraint was needed on on one orange sloppy number and another dress that looked a like paisley pillow cover from kashmir.

Naurangg was also all over the place, the brand single handedly bastardised menswear with pimpish textile choices and improperly constructed jodhpur, what was the designer thinking with that absurd shiny grey fabric and that silly choreography that showed off lack of design on large blue dress on the girl.

Rana Noman shouldn’t do menswear or at least should consult some men when doing so, the ugly red sherwani was a visual atrocity (a good question to ask oneself before designing such atrocities is who would wear it, would I wear it?).

And What the fuck happened to Shariq Textiles? What is with these ruck sack shape and horizontal panels of disparate disgustedness and the cascading drapes on sides?

Waseem Noor I think he should go to school or a design shrink(if there is such a profession), his mismatch of color mixing in each piece. If you have some spare cut pieces lying around in your workshop you just don’t sew them all together. You throw some away as well.

Zeeshan Bariwala, did you run out of cloth ? why these out of nowhere blue panels at the back? Most of the pieces lacked the embellishments on the hemlines at the back, I wonder if he ran out of them or people wearing them are never supposed to turn?

Leaving designers aside for a breather, what were Reena Janghard and Sonya (team responsible for hair) thinking when they rolled out those ugly mismatched fish plaits? The blond girl had a brown hairpiece and that too attached in a dirty way. Her hairstyling license(if there is any such thing) should be revoked.

But all in all Surrekham by Shehla Shahrayar takes the cake with her design that has two square pieces attached at the waist on each side,probably for a take off in times of emergency or otherwise (that could be a good use for the blue dress by Naurang too)

Justifying bad fashion design by saying this is what people really want is wrong. In the words of Italian Vogue’s editor Franca Sozzani:”It is the people in fashion who make fashion ridiculous

Thanks to lollipop for the photos. ๐Ÿ™‚


16 responses to “The bad & the downright ugly at PFW London 4

  1. Aamir it is extremely refreshing to read your free-flow writing and your unforgiving tone is delightful. Just one question: were you at PFW London?

  2. I think they were trying too hard because it was in englaaand you know (imagine me saying it in a paindoo accent) and angraizon ko to jee bus happy happy kar k proud shroud to feel karna hota hai na jee ๐Ÿ™‚

    wo to bus ghurbat ko fashion kehte hain, un ko kya pata jee! Hum to desi hi rahein gai, and fashion bhi desi hi karein gai. Bus models maim auntiaan ho gi ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. how much I enjoy ur blogposts ๐Ÿ™‚ . loved this bastardised term, or say read it here first ๐Ÿ™‚ . the way these models have posed in this fashionweek, do they work for free ?cuz there posture (and probably their walk , which one cant see here ofcourse) is just disgraceful. While most the pictures had me laughing (circus circus), this paranda hairdo ..goodness me ๐Ÿ˜ฅ . the end of the day.. Pakistan’s name is associated with this fashion week, bringing more embarassment to the country like Karachi fashion and Karachi Fashion MFW., which do kinda get intl coverage

    • Haha Thanks, Well the thing is they are gorey models,they don’t know how to walk in south asian ensembles.Hair was bad really bad.
      I agree there should be some authority as to who can use the name Pakistani Fashion. They are bringing a bad name to people doing good work here.

  4. Amir i think some more designer were also thr but u didn’t comment like Zainab Chotani , Zaheer Abbas etc…

    • Hello Raza,
      How are you doing? I agree every designer had some bad pieces, some were boring and the ones I mentioned were downright bad. I will be talking about the rest in my upcoming post.Don’t worry.

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