The slightly better & bearable at PFW London

Following the last blogpost about bad designs at Pakistan Fashion Week 4 London, I have decided to feature some that were not so bad or rather bearable if I might say. In comparison to last year’s PFW 3, even the lineup wasn’t passable this time

.better copy

I fail to understand the logic of presenting Lawns and flimsy cottons there Is there ever hot enough?I guess designers should realize If I want to see lawn joras I would rather flip through their catalogues or visit local tailor to see whats hanging there.

Some designers did an encore, showing the same designs they showed at PFDC Fashion Week and FPW. Anarkali is dead, these so called anarkali frocks should too. I see the point of showing bridals there but what is with the embellishments done at the front only? Are we just photos existing in one dimension or as I said before are we not supposed to turn when wearing them. I guess we should just pretend we are from Chichawatni and don’t know shit how business works.

Bani D had its peaks and troughs, these two pieces I think did justice to the craft of embroidery while making them look contemporary. I can see the jacket being paired with other things in wardrobe. The embroidered dressed  needed to be a bit shorter so that it could be worn on its on  or as a seperate with some pants. She is not a star but as they say in Urdu “Aandhon men kana raja”.

Nauman Arfeen‘s white embellished sherwani, the kurtas and that one brown piece from Sands of Time collection were my favourite. Although I was the on the fence with his womenswear but his white pieces were palatable.(Quite Umar Sayeed-ish at PFDC bridal week)

Surrekham by Shehla Shaharyar, Rana Noman and Tasmiyah thankfully had their saving grace moments. Each of them had one better shaped garment that were not formula dresses I liked that the silhouette was slightly different.(One has hope there, as deludedly optimistic I might sound but am having ice cream as I am writing this so its ok I guess)

Zainab Chhotani’s collection was just full of embroidery but somehow the white shorts with embroidery and the dull black jumpsuit with embroidered overcoat somehow caught my eye otherwise it was just banal.(Overall collection was 20 ways I can use the same embroidery)

Wonder how the hell did Zaheer Abbas end up there? I fell in love with his all-white collection last fall at FPW, Probably the only awarded and celebrated designer at this so called Pakistan Fashion Week. Some of his stripped down ‘basic’ pieces were really good but I thought the chunky glasses were unnecessary.A welcome sigh of relief away from bridal wear.(Was he high when he decided to show here)



The Pink Tree also featured western contemporary pieces. I quite liked a piece which had the traditional Sindhi ajrak layered underneath white. (But considering how hot/humid it gets in Karachi, the fabric was a tad bit too flimsy and might just become a see through sunny leone porno-petticoat if one sweats.)

I think this post should bury this event in the hopes that the resulting compost will help bear nicer fruits in future. These weren’t pinnacles of great design and art either but since some of you asked what did I like, I presented to you the more palatable pieces. I may have questionable taste but then its Aamiriat not jamhuriat (democracy). The formula fashion needs to die because its mediocre. In the words of  American actress Clea DuvallI try to keep an open mind but I’m so tired of the mediocrity. 


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    • HAHAH Really? Am I that venomous otherwise?
      I think PR personnel and designers should send me icecream and stuff for me to write good for them.

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