Sania Maskatiya opens up in Dolmen Mall Clifton

Sania Maskatiya opened up a swanky new store in Dolmen Mall Clifton last month, making it their third store. If there is ever to be crowned the most well marketed designer brand in Pakistan. I guess Sania Maskatiya would take the crown. I was in awe when I found out they didn’t win the Lux Style Award for best retail.The store front

Within in a short span of time, they have taken their brand from being to almost unknown to the one worn to Oscars(it is not a small achievement). The brother sister duos have some how proved to be the success factor with Raana Khan /Ayaz Anis,Wardha Saleem/Nubain Ali and now Sania Maskatiya/Umair Tabbani here.

Their store which is quite lofty and spacious adds the much needed visual merchandising space for the brand’s retail section. Interior of the store has been designed by the team at Y’OCA.Although I think the big white spaces are good but I think it is too bland(and it looks a lot like other spaces Y’OCA has designed) I would have appreciated  if it had more of those tile prints, islamic architectural influences in the store .

The clothes as always are on the money, as per the Boston Consulting Group Matrix (familiar to all the business students) this is a gold digger brand designing ‘cash cow’ products that are often ‘stars’ as well. Although there is little innovation for some, they surely sell like hot cakes and I for one like how they have reasserted their ownership of islamic architectural prints and imagery of birds in their garments.

Special thanks to Owais for the photos


6 responses to “Sania Maskatiya opens up in Dolmen Mall Clifton

  1. I took a look at her dresses on internet . They were good. Haven’t visited the store though yet. Nice post and your blog is lovely 🙂 xx

  2. eekh! The store looks so unappealing! I would have liked her signature design to have been incorporated in the interior designing…

    • Its plain and clean, gives one options to transform using store elements. Although I agree it would have looked better if it had more of her signature design elements.

  3. Hi Haseeb – Although you have a right to your own opinion – Sania & I decided to keep the interiors basic & white so that the colours of our clothes stand out 🙂 The idea is that the clothes dont compete with the interiors…:) Thanks So much Aamirat fr the great review – so glad u liked what you saw!!

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