Deepak Perwani opens up in Dolmen Mall Clifton

Back in the day if one wanted to shop for clothing it was just Tariq Road or Zamzama commercial street if you wanted to adorn yourself with designer duds particularly, now it seems to me Dolmen Mall Clifton is the new Zamzama. So much so I wouldn’t be surprised if Zamzama is altogether deserted by designers sometime soon. And after Sania Maskatiya, industry veteran Deepak Perwani is the newest addition there.

Deepak Perwani

Pakistan’s answer to Dolce & Gabbana, Deepak Perwani with his consistently commercial brand with a heritage of spanning 2 decades opened his 4th retail outlet in Dolmen Mall Clifton last week. I for one have been really fond of his menswear as it is really sexy, glamourous and non stuffy. Back in early 2000s he was the one who started the trend of wearing black kurtas at festivities and the relaxed suiting. If I remember correctly, Deepak Perwani was actually my very first fashion buy in 2005 and the kurta I bought still looks amazing although it doesn’t fit me anymore.

His new store signals a transition from from basic off-white interiors to a more contemporary black color. The good thing about the interior is that it has a lot of metallic and mirror accents so by just changing the merchandise one can transform the overall feel and color of the space. The art deco pattern tiled on black manages to add the right amount of design element. And since the shop is at the corner it has a lot of window space that is closed from the back giving the merchandisers(if he has any) more space to play around with.At the moment windows looked a bit barren,I wish a bit more sugar or spice!

All in all it is a nice store, I would still go to buy his menswear(if I could afford it)!


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