Tabassum Mughal’s shameless smirk at Balmain

It is probably the 6th time that I am writing a borderline derogatory post about a seemingly renowned designer copying a foreign one. Blogging is a thankless job and even though I can’t do much, I’ll keep on blogging about such plagiarised/inspired pieces because such instances need to be condemned. Designers have no right to charges flagrant prices if they cant produce something original. After consequently 4 rip offs of Balmain fall 2012 design, Tabassum Mughal just had to shamefully smirk at it as well.

mothers day 2 copy

Ironically it is the same collection that has already been copied  by 5 different designers in this year. I first spotted an inspired piece by Karma shown at PFDC, then came Hira Lari‘s clear rip off, later a design by Bashir Ahmed and a 5-star lawn print of the same was spotted by a fellow blogger Umairica and now this shameful Tabassum Mughal atrocity.

So before apologists start a futile debate on how it is not copyright infringement or etc. Let us examine what inspired Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing to design it in the first place. So the story is that apparently Rousteing went to Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry auction at Christies NY in November 2011. There he saw a decadent baroque style Faberge egg that belonged to her, he was so taken aback that he flew back to his Paris studio and designed an equally opulent collection complete with real pearl embellishments, and gold embroidery. After all Balmain is known for its $2725 distressed(read old/ripped apart) jeans and $605 cotton t-shirts.

As for Tabassum Mughal how unimaginative could she have been. And for God’s sake, I humbly  ask designers to forgo Balmain and start copying someone more relatable like embroideries of François Lesage or someone lesser known to masses like Margiela. There aren’t enough words to condemn or shame the designers who copy (& go so far to get shoots done of those same outfits). But I guess it’s fitting when karma plays a good joke on them, as Sana Safinaz jora replicas are sold at 1/4th of their price and the bridal joras such as those by Tabassum Mughal are copied for every sequin and crystal by a local tailor masters  for relatively peanuts. Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if folks at Balmain sue these designers for emotional pain and suffering.(Yes I googled there is apparently a thing like that in EU).

The shoot appeared in Pakistan Today’s Lounge magazine and incidentally featured the same model and photographer/makeup duo Hira Lari used for her shameless copy.



12 responses to “Tabassum Mughal’s shameless smirk at Balmain

  1. Who is the photographer, though I feel most designers impose their own concepts in shoots? Good post. I think I need to emphasize on the crime of plagiarism in my class.

  2. You know what, just drop everything you’re doing and be a fashion critique. You’re going to kick some behind & give all the designers a run for their money while you’re at it. I don’t follow Balmain or Tabassum Mughal, and after reading this i dont think i even want to. The design suck, i dont even know why it was copied off. 😛

    LOL @ “how unimaginative could she have been”.

    • God forbid I become a journo.
      I just have a loud mouth and am passionately opinionated.
      A lot of copies even skip my eye, I just want to raise the awareness that there is not much design in designer’s creation. It is basically scan copy paste.Designers have no right to charge such high prices from consumers and then brand such designs as their own.

      • ‘Loud mouth & passionately opinionated’ traits of a journalist. haha. But, its okay, your choice. And yes, i agree, they don’t. I often wish ANY of the pakistani designer would once in a while bring something new to the table.

        Love what you’re doing though. Kudos!

  3. agreed ! such ‘copycats’ NEED to be sued right to the core !! people spend tons of money on originals and then you see such hideous copies that leave you gobsmacked with the thought of -designer? really? NO – Copy cat indeed ! the least they could do is give inspiration credits to the original designer !

    ps: i have also seen shoes with red soles – perhaps your next post could be on that ?

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