Veet Celebration of Beauty 2013

Just last week when the invite for #VCB2013 came my way, I immediately started pulling all the pieces together regarding Veet. They have had a successful model hunt show for a few years and have been conducting fashion shows for a while too. Veet Celebration of Beauty as per the press release promised fashion presentation of capsule collections by 4 designers, award ceremony for models and actresses(hence the celebration of beauty) and lastly a bit of music(shabang to kill the boredom). I haven’t been to a Veet fashion event before this so I’ll try to be forgiving.


The event took place at expo centre on Aug 24th and as per Pakistani tradition it started late. The venue was really done well, the carpet was not red but rather pink considering the brand’s color.  It was complete with the socialites, finger food, air kissing,DSLR totting kids, wannabe models and what not. My pink carpet favs were Aaminah Sheikh in Nabila, Sana Sarfaraz in Sana Safinaz, Ayesha Omar in Elan and Fouzia in Zaheer Abbas. One of the best dressed pink carpets I have seen, there were a lot of well dressed women and thats my only complain as well where were the men? The worst dressed were Humaima Malik (Layla Chatoor please take some draping classes or hire someone), Amna Ilyas (Why that red mini why?) and Sana (Please get your hair fixed and then your dress was a issue on its own) .These train wrecks prove that even all the fame and money often can’t buy people some taste and sanity.

The act started with a really cool LED show and  the dancers did a really neat performance, every tom dick & harry has been praising it on the Internet lately but it was actually heavily inspired from So You Think You Can Dance. Azfar Rehman and Aaminah Sheikh took over as hosts, she apparently did a quick change after pink carpet and looked HOT. The first segment started with a showcase of Vintage/Classic era with eastern bridal costumes by Khadija Shah‘s Elan. They were not truly traditional but rather represented a contemporary take on the concept. The clothes were well-made, embroidery seemed quite decadent and rich. It was traditional beautiful bridals people are used to. Bridals however are not my cup of tea.

2nd part of fashion presentation was Retro/Disco with Sadaf Malaterre‘s black and white collection. There were some  relaxed 40s flapper dress kinda silhouettes, but the choice of material left me in awe(in a bad way). The large polka dots, the volume at the upper half of the body, the sequined fabric or the imaginativeness of it all. It seemed like somebody had smoldered Minnie Mouse. Aaminah Sheikh however portrayed this era quite well as she had gone through another costume change wearing a colorful short dress by Nomi Ansari this time around.

3rd segment featured Pop/Rock era showcasing Ali Xeeshan‘s collection. Aaminah Sheikh had now changed into a black and gold ensemble with a cape by Amna Aqeel(My least favourite look of her). The collection by Ali Xeeshan was a hodge podge of black, gold,silver,white and what not. I could spot some bold in-your-face references from Balmain Fall 2012 collection on a few pieces. Besides one gold dress on  Amna Ilyas nothing really worked out for me. Designs were not refined, kinda boxy and had too many things going on. The different design elements of sequins, pattern, applique etc. somehow didn’t gel in.It looked too indian fashion designers non refined disparate work.

Last one in the lineup were Sana Safinaz showcasing the Eclectic/Modern era. Aaminah Sheikh had again changed into a beaded burgundy number by Nabila. She looked hollywood glamorous. The collection by Sana Safinaz was thankfully a breath of fresh air. The whole collection consisted of beautifully draped dresses and gowns but sadly they were also in just black and white. Their beautiful prints reminded me of DVF. I had no complains. My favourites were the pieces on Neha and Humaima Malik.

In the midst of it all, there were performances by Mehwish Hayat,Zoe Viccaji, Ali Azmat and Sara Loren(Monalisa who has chosen a pornstar name for some Godforsaken reason). There were awards given out in various categories as well. All in all it was a good event. Show was styled and conceptualized by the creative team at NABILA and choreography for the models was done by veteran model Nadia Hussain(who was a first timer at this apparently, did a commendable job and looked great in Sana Safinaz on the pink carpet)

I say good because atleast the red carpet choices were better than Lux Style Awards and the set looked better too. One feedback would be to let new fashion graduates to showcase their collections on such a platform rather than asking renowned ones to showcase theirs. #VCB2013 is scheduled to be broadcasted on ARY in a few weeks, lets see how the general public receives it.

p.s. All the photos belong to their respective owners.


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