L’Oreal Professionnel launches an Academy

Hair and Beauty salons are practically dime a dozen in our country but how many of them are actually doing what they are supposed to do?. It may come to you as a shock but  at many of these parlours the artists are not properly trained putting the costumers in potential danger. L’Oreal Pakistan’s professional products division recently launched a training academy for hair salons.


A lot of people might not know this but L’Oreal has a range of products that are only marketed to salons and are only supposed to be handled by professionals. (The nature of these products is such that person sitting at home cannot use them by themselves safely if you still dont get it google extenso disasters, hair dying disasters etc.) So this academy will help not only raising awareness about the craft of hairdressing but also further the cause of educating professionals on how to use these highly technical products like extenso, hair dyes and so on appropriately. 

My only concerns are : will the “ohs-so-holy-we-know-it-all” salon aunties endorse it and actually open up to educate themselves and their employees? And who will train these dinosaurs? Will the trainer be the one of these dinosaurs or the someone would be flown in to train people.

The training academy as you can see in the photos is quite compact and small features salon chairs, the essie nail bars and so on. Lets hope this move by a global hair and beauty giant leads to some standardization of technique and procedures of these complex product solutions. If you for one are interested to enroll, I would suggest that you contact L’Oreal Professionnel Pakistan’s Facebook page.I could spot some attendees wearing Sania Maskatiya and Wardha Saleem. Besides that there was no fab finds. Just bleached blondes and OTT eyes.


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