TDAP 2013 Fashion Show Day 1

For the novice ‘Trade Development Authority of Pakistan‘ is a government initiative to further exports of Pakistani goods. The designers exhibiting at TDAP fashion showcase this year had to make clothes that would be appeal to foreign buyers, as for the event itself it was spread across 2 days and had 8 designers presenting each day. At the venue it was good to see a lot of foreigners, as at  most fashion events we are crowded with wannabes and has-beens in the audience. I must admit I haven’t seen this many GORAs at one place other than airport.As for the fashion show, it felt like midnight snack from the fridge.tdap fashion week 2013

Legendary Rizwan Beyg showed the same truck art inspired collection that he showed at PFDC Fashion Week earlier this year. Accessories were really crafty but I have yet to see them in retail. Would love to have some bags or folders to carry around. Besides the opening stunt on the bicycle there was nothing stunningly new.

Tapu Javeri also showed the same psychedelic prints collection of clothes and accessories. A sequined motorcycle jacket and the long dress on Nadia Hussain were favourites. Tapu has apparently roped in Wardha Saleem, but again it seemed I have seen it before maybe it was because of the same prints being used.

Farnaz Mustafa was the name I hadn’t heard before.  Her collection started with very desi non-exportable pieces but she had some west-friendly ensembles put in here and there. I really liked a small white cutout dress with gold detailing, the embroidered blue green long jacket with floral embroidery, and the black long dress with white embroidery and a long slit . Besides that everything was too desi aunty boutique.

Sania Maskatiya the “marketing-maven” brand as I like to call it now, continued with its Islamic-ottoman print motifs. There were separates that they had done before, with some new shapes. Loved the new pant that they had made which had an interested waistline. Favourite look was the orange gold top with high waisted printed pants. My only wish being that they do something more dramatic with their presentations.

Another fashion veteran Faiza Samee has somehow landed herself in the precarious waters of eastern prints like carpets. The pieces composed of jumpsuits, flowy pants in printed chiffons and silks. The colors decadently darker than that of Maskatiya‘s, but again no innovation in cuts or shapes.The choreography with kathak hand gestures was cool but borderline cheeky.



The sole plus for the day was the collection from PIFD students, there were Margiela inspired face masks, Galliano-esque layered pieces with fur accents and what not. I hope they get the mentoring in the industry and go on to produce such imaginative work ahead. The head dresses, the use of interesting the high drama styling were severely missed in the collections by the veterans. Big kudos to each and everyone of the students and the teachers who taught them.

Zaheer Abbas‘s collection had me on the fence. One of the few designers who dedicatedly did something different for this venue. Titled as basic, it seemed like a natural progression from his last collection shown in London. The designs were minimal,layered and had a robe like warrior feel to them. the bandanas tied like pirates. He has moved away from his romanticism and drapes but don’t know if it worked out for him.

Sana Safinaz showed the same black and white drape heavy collection that they showed at Veet Celebration of Beauty. The pieces reminisced Lanvin’s black and white floral print. All the pieces were same save a short heavily embellished dress that seemed like a deconstructed version of the now infamous Balmain dress.It was beautiful and sensual nonetheless.

Really grateful thatTehmina Khalid of Take-II was kind enough to invite me to  TDAP fashion presentation this year. I received a really cool truck art keychain and a tapulicious print mug as a souvenir. Although I must say that lighting at the runway was bonkers so much so the flashing effects were almost blinding. And I wish the styling was better/more interesting.  All in all the collections shown were so stale I actually got food poisoning the next day ( hence the food in fridge reference).


4 responses to “TDAP 2013 Fashion Show Day 1

  1. Having seen all the collections (almost) before and seeing nothing ground breaking was a bit disappointing. But I think if the foreigners attended, then that’s a good step forward?

    Business of fashion wise, I thought it was a good step. Waiting for Day 2 report from you, as it was pretty much better than the first IMO.

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