TDAP 2013 Fashion Show Day 2

Day 2 of TDAP fashion showcase promised even bigger names,but sadly the lighting remained screwed. There were some good surprises from newbies and some other continued to show their old collections.tdap fashion week 2013

Starting with the legendary Maheen Khan‘s streetwear brand Gulabo, which went with its roots back to Truck art. I was on the fence with voluminous pieces that looked more comfy than chic. I really liked the truck art print accessories and the printed jumpsuit.



Shamael Ansari continued with her draped lose pieces replete with prints of leaves and architectural elements. The fringe and the decadent motifs in bronze, shades of brick reds were the highlights. The whole bunch of fake flowers on Faeza Ansari‘s head was as styling overkill.

Ayesha Ibrahim‘s clothes were of ‘London Pakistan Fashion Week’ kind, if you know what I mean.The pieces were bland and unimaginative. There were some good techniques like applique of lace onto silk but the execution was very insipid. I dont see the point of showing these ensembles to these foreign buyers.

Deepak Perwani continued his narrative of Frida goes to Kharadar that he had previously shown at FPW in April. There were some really beautiful printed pieces, thankfully he had edited the silhouette to flatter the foreign buyer.

Umaima Mustafa was a pleasant surprise. Although I had never heard of her before, I grew more fond of her after every ensemble that came onto the ramp. The color palette was tasteful and the pieces were beautifully draped. She is the one to forward to.

Ahmed Bham made some sharp power suits for men that he is known for. Use of patterns and vests beneath jackets were certainly on trend in line. Although I question whether these suits would be exportable as ready to wear, as draping and suits in general are tricky to retail in general.

FnkAsia by Huma Adnan also chose to continue with her cultural theme of using reds,and oranges. Most of the pieces featured some really cool embellished bottoms that had interesting embroidery around calves. Metallic jewelry was used to reinforce tribal cultural association.My favourites were red ensemble on Nadia Ali.

Last but the not the least my old favourite Fahad Hussayn, his collected featured dark prints from his digital print collection. There were some really cool accessories and my favs were the nude dress on Nadia Hussain and fur accent jacket ensemble on Waleed.

So the day 2 was slightly better, but still lacked the major pop of excitement, I don’t know if it was the lack of originality in terms of design or my bad state of health.Although for the first time I saw this many buyers, sadly we dont have many proper multi label stores or stuff like Macy’s in Pakistan. I wish events like FPW, PFDC and the low end ones cater to buyers (as in stores) rather than make it circus for entertainment starved crowds of irrelevant people


4 responses to “TDAP 2013 Fashion Show Day 2

  1. i too loved the red ensemble By fnkasia 🙂 and the veet’s best posture/walk girl carried it to perfection. I feel it was a nice 2 days of fashion with a couple of bad, lots of safe ( ghaneemant jaano issay bhi. lol ) and some really good collections . knowing that the buyers were probabaly were seeing it all for the first time, thumbsup from my side 🙂

  2. day 2 ftw! The mere fact that there was only one menswear designer is a sad indication of where menswear stands in our country. At least we have designers like Ahmed Bham to prove menswear CAN go do wonders if done rightly!

    I personally think the truck art obsession has gone way out of control. Every other brand is doing it. While it might appeal to the international buyers, but i think that Rizwan Beyg having shown it on day 1, the concept would not have suited to be repeated.

    • True that! As for Gulabo it is a streetwear brand and you would be surprised to know that Gulabo has been doing it way before rizwan beyg did it. It maybe too much but as it turns out foreign buyers cant seem to get enough of it.

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