MARKET YOURSELF – the Tabish Oza way!

People often ask me how they can become a model or even about how I became one. I am not from a media background and I frankly believed I was a regular guy when I grew up. I have done work with agencies, via a talent hunt show, and also by my personal contact. And this world there is no one way, there are many ways you can become successful.If you know what I mean.PhotoGrid_1382258666190

Package Yourself:

There are more people trying to come into fashion world, but very few do good work.before you decide to take a jump into this world and decide to ‘market’ yourself.We must know who we are, what package do we offer.As you work a bit intially we get to know what you are good at and what you cannot do. In marketing we call it as setting a mission statement or to find what you are good at you do SWOT analysis.You are the product yourself, workout, groom yourself and look good.

Build your brand:

No matter what you do,it is good that you associate yourself with good names and brands and make good connections with them. Because in our world there is so much competition one day you are in and next day you are out.As with every other job, you have to do free internships or even low paying assignments.Consider this penetrative pricing strategy to break into the market. Do things which suit your image.Know your limits

Promote your Brand:

Your attitude and way of working will define who you are. There are many gym fit guys and many photographers, ultimately how you talk to people, how you present yourself will be your biggest promotion. Agencies and coordinators will only get you some work.You should be good to new people who are like your fans.Social media presence is one way to promote yourself and your work.This way potential clients and fans engage with you and share feedback.

This is how I take marketing oneself, but as I said there are other ways other models.This is what I believe in.People have different work ethic and different approach to work. You should be connected with right people who make thngs happen not just talk.To each his own as in marketing there is no one solution for all


3 responses to “MARKET YOURSELF – the Tabish Oza way!

  1. Cara Delevingne is a new model, as compared to many others in the industry. Looking at her, one can see how important it is to have a frank and easy going relationship with people, so that you make a mark when you meet them, and leave them wanting more.

    Also, be yourself. If you’re not comfortable in your skin, it will show in your work, which will unfortunately then lack the oomph very much needed. This world feeds on confidence, and the ability to carry yourself positively. Just fight back the negativity and be yourself!

    Loved the write up! Very very informative!


  2. Modelling in my opinion is an attitude! Brand ambassadors are chosen accordingly to their personalities that can represent the character of the brand.

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