Misses at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013

After all the good things said in my previous post about Hits at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week,it is time that Aamiriat has his say about the gross gimmicks and the mediocre madness that was senselessly applauded by many “fashionistas”. It is high time people could have an ounce of shame and start speaking truth, flattery should have some grounds. Here are my picks of all the misses at PLBW:misses

Lets start with theme of the event, PLBW spells out Bridal Week but it seems like some designers didn’t get the memo. There is nothing new or great about making a red garara with dabka work in traditional patterns. It seems glaringly apparent that anybody can show anything in Fashion weeks, and for bridals you just need to have money to produce garments. I didnt review BCW but this year some clothes were as bad if not as bad as London’s fashion week.

Nickie and Nina‘s ‘Garden Party‘ was as tacky as its name. The aesthetic screamed dubai to me, a lower middle class lady’s husband got rich politically and then they wore these clothes and had a Garden Party in their Defense Bungalow. Highly mediocre Tariq road designer types! Hated the bad finish and fit of the garments just look at the quality of embellishments and fit of the top on Fouzia.

Speaking of Dubai, Sonia Azhar was probably so blinded by glitz of Victoria’s Secret angels she put on wings on brides. Her collection was called ‘Divine Unison‘, and frankly if Angels looked as tacky as models in her ensembles I wish they fell to earth. Even sans the wings, the clothes looked as if they were brought in from some shady tariq road mall shop. And frankly those Dior inspired large earrings just looked gimmicky!

Zara Shahjahan who is known for her motifs, and pret wear  made her foray into bridals this year. Aamiriat loves a newbie but such western aesthetic didn’t really translate well into bridals. I have a simple question to all those praising those pockets on red number: With all the rings, panjangras and bangles how would a bride tuck in her hands in those pockets? Why would she? The collection was like a western designer attempting to do traditional eastern bridals by numbers step 1,2,3… and forgetting some step along the way.The flowery print also at times cheapened the ensembles.

Saai by Sahar Atif did ‘Fasl-e-Nou‘, which means revival of some sort. I don’t know if it revived or massacred the craft  of traditional bridal ensemble. The use of gradient colors was so gaudy my laptop practically crashed (I think her clothes were a bad omen). Gradients may work for Mahin Karim‘s flowy gowns but when one puts bridal embellishments on them, it looks downright low-brow even the term gaudy is understatement. The lady wearing them is probably a feudal wife  from Shikarpur/Sargodha(choose one that offends more) and is trying to hold on to her flaying youth.It makes me think of Dirty Picture in a bad unflattering way.

Nomi Ansari  seems to have a Pakistani kitsch design aesthetic (which I don’t happen to be a fan of). The riot of colors , mix of embellishments  mock the very essence of fashion business. especially the credit card thingy and menswear. It was circus! His real bridals are better though. All the bells and whistles killed the fantasy he was probably trying to project.I need sunglasses to look at all those bright hues. I prefer his pret type work more. Thank you

Asifa and Nabeel was trying to emulate ‘the grandeur of Maharajas and Maharanis‘, but I wonder since when did regal read banal, it didn’t even exude the decadence of semi royals or even well-off families. I have seen racks full of similar designs at multi-brand stores everywhere.I wonder if the two don’t give each other feedback. Did they even take history classes in school to know that the meaning of words Maharaja is ‘GREAT KING’.

Elan who is the uber demure and uber sublime in terms of their designs, recently caught themselves in hot waters when a magazine writer Sadia Zaheer accused them of ripping off a Manish Malhotra ensemble. You can’t deny the fact that it looks conspicuously similar. You just can’t! Justifying indian subcontinent shared heritage or even that one is a ghaghra other is a skirt reads desperate. Move on! Indian bridal design aesthetic isn’t that great to begin with.

Everybody loves Kamiar Rokni, and Aamiriat does love  him too right from his Karma days to his own namesake pret label. But this was a weird sort of comeback with a collection which didn’t feel cohesive for the lack of better words. Each piece that walked down the runway seemed a like graduate show pieces with same theme but no journey or cohesion whatsoever. Amazing embroidery, great techniques but with the exception of few pieces I didn’t even see bridal anywhere. It shouldn’t be” look what can I do“. It should be “lets come and go together on a journey“. Collection was so eclectic it was borderline Schizophrenic.

Lastly Ali Xeeshan, with his repetition of elongated motifs on the ghararas were eye-sore, they looked too edgy to be considered beautiful. Sarah Loren may wear this and dance in an ad to sell cellphones, but I have yet to see a real bride wearing one of these. If you could just behead the faces of models in photos, you would take them to be a indian designer’s  fugly East Asian influenced collection. All the ho -ha didn’t turn out to be beautiful for me.

At the end of the day people read most of these glorifying reviews and say “Are these writers out of their mind? This is some crazy shit, my darzi can make better what is the fuss!“. The minimal styling with most of the collections didn’t work, the models in photos looked as if they walked out in a rush and forgot to put on jewelry. Only Ali Xeeshan,Elan and Fahad Hussayn managed to send out models in different styling/props/jewelry on the runway.

Then this madness of flattering mediocrity and kissing ass for favours/freebies is getting more absurd by the day. Oh yea all of these were so beautiful, regal, *INSERT FANCY ADJECTIVE* and out of this world. OMG! If these collections are “royal” to fashion tweeps going gaga over designers, then I’ll prefer to be a commoner! Designs were so like knorr powder that I hope that the bags carrying these clothes get lost at the airport! AMEN


10 responses to “Misses at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013

  1. I just found your blog and am totally in love with it. I was really looking forward to Bridal Week, as I’m getting married in August, and wanted to know ‘what’s in’ before visiting Pakistan. I remember going through most of the designs and just could not imagine myself (or any bride as a matter of fact) wearing ANY of the designs from those mentioned above (except for Elan, I did like some of their pieces). Thank you for this! I think most of these designers forget whats ‘bridal’ and what isnt.

    P.s I would add Sadaf Mallaterre in this mix

    • Thank you so much for comment. It means a lot.
      However in the designer’s defense I would say do visit their stores, visit all of their ateliers. You might find some wearable options if not ideas to get your joras made from local craftsmen. I choose not to blog about BCW because I think its more circus less clothes. Congratulations and best of luck for your upcoming marriage. 🙂

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