Menswear at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013

It is a sorry state of affairs that in our fashion weeks there are very few menswear options presented. No wonder most of the male populace continues dress up badly primarily because of the aforementioned reason. At PLBW 2013 there were a few really good pieces, thankfully some designers have started to realise in a marriage there is a groom as well.Menswear PFDC PLBW 2013

HSY is one of the few designers who has been consistently showing options for men alongside his womenswear. There were plenty of reds, pink corals and in the end finished with a parade of deep blue kurta clad men. My favourite was the red velvet sherwani on Waleed, it was tasteful and dapper.

Exist which is a local commercial menswear retailers also showcased their suits. The collection was primarily “dabba pack shirts” as I like to call them i.e. regular black suits with commercial aesthetics thrown in there. Nothing dramatic or revolutionary so to speak. But the 4 looks above are the only one that caught my attention so to speak.Good use of color!

I was on the fence with Nomi Ansari’s collection Rang Mahal, there were some really nice experimental designs and then there were some comical costumes. The trick with menswear is to keep it interesting yet wearable. I would love for naysayers to prove me wrong by showing me a non-celeb guy wearing those desi kitsch styled sherwanis. The sherwani on Emmad Irfani and the red blue patterned sherwani were the only ones I liked. Costumes yes! Commendable menswear no!

Fahad Hussayn pushed classic usual off-white, sandstone and black/blue hues as trends. The sherwanis and kurtas were done pretty traditionally and I dont doubt they would sell well. I really appreciated the printed stoles and shawls on models, instead of traditional jamawar/silk jacquard variety we see. One good trend to look forward to.

Ali Xeeshan’s menswear was surprisingly more wearable than his past collections that reminded me of movie Kinky boots. The inky blue sherwani worn by Aiman Khan, and the east Asian inspired bold paisley sherwani surprisingly turned out more tasteful than the womenswear of same fabric.

Lastly, Asifa and Nabeel (whose womenswear didn’t quite like) showed some uber commercial designs. Designs were in the colors of sandstone and black/blue. Some expectable experimentation in placement of embellishments but hey this is what men would wear. Atleast I would wear!

Menswear is “formula” design, you may modify the lapel, change the proportions a bit etc. but you cant really be crazy and expect people to buy it. Yes, it is good to use different colors but we are still light years away from men wearing a bright pink sherwani(atleast the marrying kind wont). Adding to that unless you are Atif Aslam you wont do several costumes changes or make yourself look like a mithai ka dabba. It is a marriage ceremony not desi Halloween.


6 responses to “Menswear at PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2013

  1. you forgot exist!

    I think HSY is the most commericial of all the designers, so his clothes MIGHT sell better than others. And Asifa & Nabeel really did a great job, i would definitely go for their clothes. As for Nomi, his designs, while highly unwerable, are actually breaking barriers of masculinity. If you look at the ineternational runways, specifically the last Paris menswear shows, you’ll see how menswear is changing. I think Nomi kept up to those trends and brought that changing vision in Pakistan through his collection for men, at the very least.

    • I did include EXIST. Check again!
      As for breaking barriers well then its been done to death since 90s.
      Boundaries are broken when general populace starts adopting trends, gimmicks dont work.

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