Closing 2013 with Copies

As the year 2013 draws to a close, its fitting to do a post which keeps up with the tradition of highlighting “unoriginal” if not “copied” designs. Since the later seems to ruffle a few feathers. There was both acclaim and ridicule for aamiriat in this quest, although a lot of people kept emailing/messaging me even more copycat cases to post(because for some reasons they cant do it themselves).First there was McQueen inspired prints, then some printed bags and now even westernwear retailers have turned up pieces that seem very similiar.

closing 2013 aamiriat

First a trench coat from local western wear retailer turned out to be cheaper knock off of a piece by Ted Baker. While looking around for some decent winter wear I spotted a stripped sweater with color accentsat Fifth Avenue Clothing.Then same sweater turned up at Gulahmed and then also at Outfitters. The design inturn turned out to be a from european brand THML. When I researched it a bit I found out all of them dont actually make these sweaters they just buy it from east Asia and they dump them. Having the same sweater at GulAhmed, Outfitters, and Fifth Avenue is bad coincidence that they all bought it in the same season.

And just yesterday I saw a fashion editoral shoot in DIVA magazine that looked conspicously similiar to a still from the movie DEVDAS. Credibility of aamiriat and other bloggers. low quality badly edited content,sensationalism and what not. One cant deny the lack of originality in our fashion and media industry.

It is good to see a lot of young bloggers and journalist pointing fingers at bad designs and calling copies copies. Journalists and media as a whole have to come out of their “flattery begets benefits” mindset and grow some balls to call spade aspade. Trust me the real friends will not mind a honest review even if its bad.

Heres to another year of brutal reviews and copycat spotting.


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