Dove’s new Keratin Actives range

Well it has been some time that I have reviewed a product and frankly I havent done for so long because I don’t review products without using them myself. So almost 2 weeks back the team from Dove brand team at Unilever and their PR agency Golin Harris were kind enough to invite me to exclusive preview of the new Dove Keratin Actives range.


If you had been following me on instagram you would know I am smitten with Dove Mens bar for months now and I swear by it.It is the perfect smell which is not too overpowering and it does moisturize my skin which gets pretty dry in winters. After the launch of this new Dove keratin actives, I tried the shampoo+conditioner for almost two weeks and did find my hair softer and less dryer.

As for the product itself the brand claims that ‘it repairs damaged hair at the cellular level of the hair structure and helps reconstruct damaged protein making the hair strong and resilient to damage”.

Looking at the back of the bottle I could easily spot that the shampoo is also “lauryl sulphate” formula, for the newbies it is the lather producing chemical in every soapy product. 1/4 moisture part is probably due to the glycerin and sunflower oil in it.Various forms of silicon and film forming agents like adipic acid probably work to smoothen the hair strand.Then there is a usual dose of preservatives,fragrancee and the likes.

All those folks with really dry and damaged hair due to constant ironing, blowdrys and shit should give it a try. You never know! And mind you they are giving samples on their facebook page:



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