Ayesha Farooq Hashwani opens up in Dolmen Mall Clifton

It seems like almost everybody is going for retail outlets, gone are the days of exclusive presentations and appointment only models of business. More and more designers are venturing into pret business to tap into this viable segment. The latest entrant happens to be the uber glamourous  Ayesha Farooq Hashwani who recently opened up a store in Dolmen Mall Clifton and formally launched her Pret a Porter aka ready to wear line.1620740_10153780843140235_1578714459_n

I reached upto AFH and here is what she had to say

Aamiriat: What was your thought process behind launching this AFH store and your design philosophy regarding the pret line?

AFH: We used to have 2 exhibitions a year which were very well received and throughout the year there were inquiries for more.

The AFH Dolmen Store consists of mainly our Casual Cotton range at which has now been made accessible throughout the year.The collection comprises of a few tops tunics and capes made up of cottons,silks and chiffons;some of the embroidered tunics will also be sold online on our website alongside the store.

I have not worked in printed cottons as I find there is enough of it in the market already so I chose to work with solid colours and jazzed it up with pleats, chiffon edging, light embroideries and other embellishments.These could be worn for several occasions including evenings. I wanted to give my clientele pieces that are styled like I would on my evening wear except that some of these are in cotton. 

Aamiriat: What kinda pieces can the consumers expect from your afh pret line? What are the price points?

AFH:There are several kinds of pieces and styles for you to choose from. Be it an elegantly draped blouse to wear with your jeans, an embroidered tunic which may be worn in the daytime, at work, to a lunch or a light silk cape or Kaftan that may be worn at a dinner.To add a finishing touch to your ensemble, we have added an accessories range which includes chunky cuffs and statement piece necklaces.

As for the pricing, the price ranges from Rs 1,800-Rs 4,000 for the accessories and approx from Rs 6,000 to Rs 12,000 for the pret line. 

Aamiriat:Last but not the least who designed your store it looks beautiful, what was theme guiding the decor of your retail space?

AFH: It was a pleasure working with the team at YOCA. The theme was gold and black and I wanted a high end feel. Something edgy as well as elegant.

I must say there are very few people in Pakistani fashion industry that embody their design philosophy and are impeccable. AFH looked smashing on her launch and I was surprised to see that the very ensemble she was wearing is also up for retail in the store.It reminded me of a long gown by Naeem Khan Fall 2013 collection. The prices might be a little higher but considering its luxury pret I think the designs are definitely worth it.

Her website https://www.afhashwani.com/shop/

Her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/afhfb


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