Sindh Fashion Festival

I ll start this post by thanking people who emailed/messaged me regarding why I am not posting more often. I have been busy with my day job which gets the bills paid, besides whenever I post something  a lot of people get butthurt for one reason or another. On 12 February, Sindh Govt. held Sindh Fashion Festival as part of the ongoing Sindh Festival.  The Creative Director for the show was Nabila, hair and make-up by N-PRO & N-Gents,choreography was done by Omar Rahim which was a first for me and PR by Tehmina Khaled‘s Take-II.


As for the presentation itself here is what I thought:

The first fashion presentation was Bunto Kazmi, it was my first time that I actually saw her shawls up close & touch them backstage.It wont be an exaggeration if I call the experience a holy pilgrimage, the shawls were replete with exquisite embroidery all over  in the sublime colors of brick red, camel browns and champagne. They were paired with black slips and tops by Pink Tree. Everything looked divine, no wonder she is the most sought after bridal wear designer of Pakistan. I bow down to Bunto Apa!

The second to show was FnkAsia by Huma Adnan, I must admit that its good to see the  brand  transitioning from its orange red tunics and tribal jewelry days. I really liked the edgy eyebrows. I liked the sheer top with embellishments on the color and plackets worn by Amna Ilyas, the long red jacket with embroidered sleeves was good , and another favourite was Sana Sarfaraz‘s pink outfit. The paneled skirts were a miss for me especially the one on Rachel looked really grotesque. I am not sure if the accessories like the ankle cuff on Fayezah Ansari will be in retail but elements of it were nice.

Then came Amir Adnan, with his classic Shalwar Kameez, and sherwanis modelled by real people such as Gulgee, Tapu Javeri etc. Over time his brand has developed into this Ralph Lauren feel which is not edgy or young per se. I don’t envision myself buying any of his stuff although it is undoubtedly very well made. Kudos to him for his commitment to do menswear all these years, and it is also commendable to showcase his work on some  real successful people rather than using all models in the lineup.

Zaheer Abbas came up with a new collection aptly titled ‘ Ajrakistan‘. He was the only designer who seemed to have worked on the Sindh theme per se, he had used the traditional block printed textile Ajrak. However, all the design were the designer’s signature western silhouette. The ensembles on Amna Ilyas and Fouzia were to die for . The pants on Cybil, Maha and Noorey were highly covetable, I was left gasping for air piece after piece. There were two menswear looks too but womenswear was stellar.Some hypocritical ones stayed mum but I guess one should appreciate the good too.

Nauman Arfeen being the only other menswear designer showcased ‘Ode to Kaala Teetar’ at SFF. Some of the pieces were from his Sands Of Time collection, the color palate was predominantly sandstone, cream and white. The front open sherwani on Rizwan Jafri, the lapelless suit jacket on Mirza Bilal, and the zipper front black sherwani on Mohsin were my favorites.

The show ended with a showcase of bridal ensembles by Umar Sayeed, what can we say about his storied bridal trousseau. If Bunto is most sought after, then Umar Sayeed‘s design would come a close second. Never in my life I have seen clothes so full of crystals, beads and luxurious embellishments of other sorts that there is no need to adorn oneself with jewelry. I have always been on the fence with his designs because they give me a feeling of some rich scion’s dowry.Its just too much of extravagance.But then its me I have no penchant for bridal designs in general so it doesn’t really matter.

The show also featured dance performances, and songs by likes of Fuzon and Akhtar Chinar etc. There was an auction of a watch by Bakhtawar Zardari and Shehriyar Taseer to raise money for some cause. The show concluded with a spectacular display of fireworks. Alongside all of this there was a small “fashion museum” of sorts setup but then I ll blog about it separately. The venue looked really beautiful because of the lighting on the Hindu Gymkhana building, O21 Productions and Nabila everybody deserve a round of applause for everything.


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