Sneakpeak into Naushemian & Levi’s collections at FPW6

Well its that time of the year again when fashion folks of Karachi are buzzing around about fashion week and rants about associated stuff. As a blogger aamiriat gets the most flack for various reasons but nonetheless I like writing about them. FPW 6 is all set to take place on 19,20,21 and thankfully there will be some menswear designers/brands showing. Two that I am looking forward to are Naushemian by Nauman Arfeen and Levis. Here is brief sneak peak into their upcoming collections:

leflet 14 x 5 inches (1)

Nauman Arfeen was kind enough to tell us that his upcoming collection at FPW6 is called ‘Haute after Dark’. As the name suggests the collection is going to be based on dark colors that have a strong presence. Another major design inspiration that he dished out was that it is based on “persian pickles” commonly known as paisely and he is supposedly working with double knotted raw silk, Irish suede and Jamawar  textiles. With a promise to include some fabulous bags and shoes in the accessories Naushemian is surely going to be one to watch.

The other brand namely Levis, is also upping its game this year. I don’t know if they have participated in a fashion week before but I guess its a great move nonetheless. They are set to showcase their Commuter™, COOLMAX® and ICONS Collection product lines at FPW.  The Commuter line is  designed to take the urban worker from their a.m. ride, through the workday and into evening; COOLMAX as the name suggests is their weather friendly line and the ICONS collection will reintroduce the Levis classics in a contemporary way. Although I own like 7 pairs of jeans already I wont mind picking something up if they show something cool(provided that I have money for it )

So lets cross our fingers and hope that aamiriat’s high hopes are fulfilled and nobody gets butthurt by my FPW reviews later on.


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