10 types of people you see at Pakistani Fashion Events

A lot of people who don’t belong to the fashion or media industry are often wowed by the  mirage of glamour and beauty there. The models,over-the-top costumes, brands, cameras and what not are often overwhelming for the novice. But after having attended dozens of fashion events it is quite easy to crack the fashion equation. Contrary to Madhur Bhandarkar‘s movies Fashion and Page 3, the real Fashion scene we have here is quite insipid and rather banal. So this is my take on the 10 types of people you meet at Fashion Weeks by Peter Arkle for NewYorker.

ten types of people at fashion events

So here it is folks:

1. The Sponsor’ fat wife and kids:

Overseas this might be a rarity but at every fashion event, the sponsor has to bring in his fat wife and for some God forsaken reason children(under 14) too. prehaps because we don’t have circuses, zoo or parks, here they can see people in animal prints (or Mona Imran show complete with Waka Waka track).Obviously none of them have no idea what is happening and why is it happening.

2. Designers who couldn’t make it

If it is a fashion week, and a designer has not been be selected to present on runway. These dejected ones will sit there constantly jab at poor construction,the bribes paid, the illicit relationships, and just to add in a bit of drama might do a tv spot for news channels or storm out in the middle of the event. Yes , there are just there to support a ‘dear friend’. If you ask them why are you not showing, oh I am showing at this “drop a overseas venue name* didn’t have time for this one.

3. Models who couldn’t make it

Often seen in trying too hard outfits and seated in second or third rows, they are just there to talk to people on how the casting couches and camps have ostracized them even when they ‘tried too hard’. Models often move in pairs or packs wearing tight costumes to show off “their assets” which may help them to lure in some ass-ignments 😛 And yes all the pun is intended.

4. Ogling uncles and Cougars

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Disgruntled models bring in desperate uncles and cougars. Well there is no shortage of them. Some are unsatisfied by their current companions, others just looking for some easy meat to add variety. Often seen roaming alone or in pairs wearing ensembles inappropriately young for their sags and protrusions. Yes they are potential sugar Daddies(what did you think I was talking about)

5. DSLR Kids

One of the most annoying species of all have suddenly experienced a mushroom growth thanks to these art/fashion schools. Anybody who can afford a nikon/canon  with a facebook page is a photographer. Aged as low as 14 they are borderline phedophile bait.

6. Wanna-be Volunteers

The 2nd biggest lot is comprised of impressionable young kids dressed in matching t-shirts, probably from universities.They try their best to boss around biggies and take photos with ‘celebrities’ to post on their facebook profiles to ensure their false sense of popularity. Some double up as DSLR totting ones as well.

7. Bloggers & Journalists

Often the most under-rated one, they are a close lot often seen air kissing/ hugging each other. Roaming and sitting together you can see them taking notes as if they are cracking some code in ancient scripture. Some peacock around in designer gear others garbed pitifully making one wonder are we supposed to take fashion advice from such people?

8. Artists from the bygone era

Yes contrary to tv news reports oldies who don’t work anymore get to grace the front rows. Its not that they have gotten rich enough to deny taking more work. Basically they have become so irrelevant all they could do is sit and stare. A commendable tactic of publicists to make up crowds.

9 The brainless beauties

And just to break the clutter and beautify the crowds, you just throw in 10-15 girls in flimsy chiffon tops and fake chanel quilted bags. Male of this specie is usually seen in fitted t shirts resembling their hardwork in gym but God forbid if they open their mouth you get to know how paindu faislabadi they are inside (no offence to faislabadis though).

10. The Ex-es

Exes of the models, agents and designers who come just to flaunt the new ‘thing’ on their arm. Some are there to spy but mostly just to rub it in how fabulous they are.

There it is folks, If you ask me I ll say I have written something to rival Darwin‘s ‘Origin of Species‘ but then who am I to say anything.


19 responses to “10 types of people you see at Pakistani Fashion Events

  1. you forgot the socialite betian (daughters) who will scream and shout like they’re some big deal and cause a fuss if not in the frow, but definitely with a frown.

    Awesome blogpost man! I couldn’t stop smiling!

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  3. what an honest and correct observation, I commend u for writing this it’s a missile that is gonna hit directly many …. love it.

  4. I would like to appreciate the blogger for writing the very true observation and reality… unfortunately this is very sad to see the way this industry is working…. we dnt see any potential buyers , industrialists, international delegations on such events… where as the basic concept for such shows is to promote designers work and creativity in between the ppl who can support and appreciate them to grow further in this industry….
    Further i would like to put an advice sort of thing…. there should be a row allotted to the new talent who are passionate and serious about their work and desperately wants to work in this industry… to help them learn things and for their further grooming…. but very sad to say these shows turned into a cheap entertainment and a gossip session rather than a professional platform…. and in my opinion this is because of the lacking and negligences of the organizers and design council too…. the organizers are filling their pocket where as their responsibilities are to stop such kind of crowd to enter and keep a strict hold where the invites are going…..

    • Thank you for writing such a detailed comment. I second you that the councils and he organizers(sponsors+PR agencies) should get their act together. Do read some of my other pieces. Thanks

  5. And then we have people like you who have problems with everyone and just can’t deal to mind their own business. You just HAVE to judge because you’re so cool that you got to go to a stupid fashion show.

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