FPW6 S/S 2014 Day 2

I have to admit after Day 1 collections I was on the fence about whether to go or not to go for FPW Day 2. Fahad Hussayn and Nauman Arfeen were two designers whose presentations I couldn’t miss.There are times when you just have to show up at fashion events because people have been kind to you not because of the petty giveaways and delusions of fame. So here is what I thought about Day 2 collection.day 2It started with


Fahad Hussayn, I unashamedly brag about him being one of my all time favs mostly because I find his avantgarde sensibility in line with aesthetic palatte. His collection title ‘Aristo-anarchy‘ had all the right things, layers details and options in silhouettes. I really loved the leather accessories to hold weapons often seen in old photographs, the intricate embroidery on the blazers, the jumpsuit, the Elie-Saab esque evening gowns. I would want all the menswear options! 😛


Nauman Arfeen was next in lineup, his menswear collection titled ‘Haute After Dark‘ was previewed by me earlier this week. The color pallate was primarily bronze brown and midnight blue. There were some really interesting curved seems on the few jackets which I found really interesting. Also the options in bottoms from shalwars, to pajamas and flared jodhpurs were noteworthy. My favs were the blue layered pieces with curved lines on the jackets.


Jafferjees the third one, attempted to become Pakistan’s answer to Hermes with prints and clothing in general . The clothing was putogether by Wardha Saleem and her brother Nubain Ali served as the Creative director for the presentation. As for the bags themselves, I liked the structured suitcase with large metallic isignia and also the fringy handbag in womenswear.


Maheen Khan‘s streetwear brand Gulabo never disappoints, being one of the pioneers in using truck art imagery the brand has really established strong foot. I was particularly fond of the road map print which was really pop-artish and also the mono chrome prints of truck art on white resembled white blue porcelain paintings, elevating it to another level.Its basic, its fun and its cool!


Naushaba Brohi‘s Inaya showcase hit close to home for me. Her designs were primarily based on Sindhi rilli ‘tukka’ work, which is an applique technique to begin with. The innovation was doing it on sheer fabrics and translating it contemporary western options. I hope she gets to send these across to Europe and Americas because thats where it would be truly appreciated. Rilli work has become too common locally and as a Sindhi myself I don’t see much in it technically!


Sheep,the local retail brand by designer Ayesha Jaffar brought out her ‘black sheep'(Every pun intended!) So this is what happens when you are in designer myopia and have no level headed people to question. When the clothing came out, the lack of x factor became even clearer. Cheap metallic plastic leaves and flowers(like the ones sold in bunches in Shikarpur) were used as embellishments on flimsy chiffons. It looked like a bored housewife had a boring nighty, some plastic flowers and lots of time on her hands. Baba Black Sheep had nothing to show!


Last to show was the stunning Shamaeel Ansari, call me sexist or whatever but that lady is in amazing shape. As for her work , she presented 1st line 1 of her Tughra collection inspired from Turkish Iznik tiles. Tughra which is the turkish word for seal. The details on the jacket worn by Nadia Hussayn were breath taking, color palette was more warm and mature mostly in hues of dark crimson, purples and all. Proving to the world that there is more Islamic art than just geometric patterns.

Going to Day 2 was worth it. Don’t know what the day 3 will offer.


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