Porsche’s Polo & Fashion connection

German automobile company Porsche‘s pakistani representatives recently organized a polo match and a fashion presentation to showcase a new model of their car and  to reach out to their “relevant target group”. As a marketing student I feel very optimistic when foreign brands organize  PR events and continue to invest locally in such manners. Notably Porsche has been quite remarkable in showcasing high achievers of our country through their print advertorial campaigns. As for this event it was nonethless one of a kind unheard of things but the photos from it continue to amuse me for well over 10 days I guess.


Wanna know why? well

Lets start with the red carpet images, it was funny to see people dress up out of element in things that verged on costumey and often didn’t resonate with the theme either. For starters if you are  a guy, wearing a cowboy hat doesnt necessarily make you look “polo match” appropriate. I understand and acknowledge that polo is not a homegrown sport, but wouldnt it have been nicer if people could google such sartorial matters up before peacocking at such events.

Polo being an outdoor sport is a no brainer, also the fact that it is played in the daylight but the clothing on both the attendees and on the models on ramp represented something else. Women in floor sweeping evening wear? Where there should have been classy sheath dresses in cottons and pastel tones I saw draped satins. Where there should have been wide brim hats and sunglasses, some ladies chose to flaunt fine millinery confusing polo with kentucky derby. If you lost me at the reference, think Beyonce at Saint Barts not Princess Katherine at fancy English events. But sadly some even mistook it for rodeo and wore cowboy hats :(( {yes I find it really disturbing thats why I am mentioning it again and again}

I understand designers don’t usually get time to create new collections on a weeks notice but if you don’t do clothes that fit the requirements or the theme, You better not do it.

As a child  I remember reading that  Polo was invented/initiated by Genghis Khan used it to both train and entertain his troops.I dont know about the credibility of this statement but as I wrote above, it kept me entertained.As a PR exercise I hope the tradition continues and the event keeps taking place year after year. Atleast there were relevant creme de la creme of the society there.


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