PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week S/S 2014 Day 2

Day 2 somehow felt better, I was particularly looking forward to it because it had two of my favorite designers presenting their new collections. It was also the day where I realized that there is a difference between being biased and being sycophantic, former word means that one is impartial because they like that person or thing and the latter word meaning showing an excessive willingness to please others. Being biased to me is still acceptable but if you are being obsequious then its just too low. Was sad to see  how some folks were flattering designers on twitter and then bashing/ridiculing them privately on whatsapp. that’s just hypocritical!


As for what I felt about the collections here it is:

The Bank Alfalah Rising Talent Show presented  Amina Malik‘s ‘Functional redefinition – Origami’, Hammad Sadiq‘s ‘From infidelity with Love’, Hira AshfaqSymbols of Iqbal‘, Sarah Awais‘s ‘Dramatic Veils‘, and Seher Tareen‘s ‘Neo Nouveau‘. Although all of them were costumey, had gimmicky ideas and construction issues, we must applaud them because they did show better collections than most of the established designers do at fashion weeks. Most importantly they seem to have a voice, no matter how shrieking, deep or otherwise. They should be nurtured or else they ll be taken up by some lawn brand and we know what happens next. My fav was Seher Tareen’s Yellow number pictured above!


My optimism quickly faded with Arooj Ahmed‘s tacky’ retro military‘ collection. She took this Herculean task of translating menswear pieces and camouflage into womenswear and fell to ground like Goliath. Her use of gold stretchy fabric proved to be the cyanide in her postmortem. Proportion of pieces was so off that it made stick thin models look humongous, she probably didn’t consider the weight of the fabric when conceptualizing them. They say democracy is the best revenge and this is it. This sacrilege of army imagery needs to be handled by ISPR not reviewed by a petty blogger like myself. Everytime you look at the horrendous use of the army ribbons and brass buttons, a cute fat kitten dies!


Kayseria brought the smile back on my face with their collection titled ‘Kat-putli‘. It started with saris that they had showed at PFW earlier, and this time models tried to emulate string puppets. I like this brand because they know the right amount of drama and gimmick it’s not over done. The prints are sold cuz they are not the floral sweet ones but rather a bit quirky fun and resonate with younger demographic. The pieces on Rabya Chaudry and Hira Tareen were so sweet that I might buy them for my sister. Approachable quirky fashion!


Next in line was the ever sensual Shehla Chatoor with her collection titled ‘Samsara‘ and the launch of her jewelry line. I must salute her commitment to western womenswear that is unabashedly luxe. Nobody does silk and gold like her! I liked how the saaris were reinterpreted as a pre-draped skirt and print shawl. The good part being that out of hundreds of shades of golds in the market, she picked the ones which look good on Pakistani skintone. MY two favs were the rust maroon shoulder draped piece on Rachel and the nude gown on Sadaf Kanwal. The gold jacket that she was wearing herself was so extravagant and edgy I am jealous. Only one question Ms. Chatoor which bank should I break into to have these!


After this unhealthy dose of sensuality, we came back to earth with Teena by Hina Butt‘s collection named ‘Rukn-e-Alam‘. Fun trivia is that this woman is like freakin gold medalist business grad, and even member of provincial assembly from PMLN, talk about bragging rights man! Her collection which was seemingly inspired from blue and white-painted tile/pottery of Multan showed a lot of different garment shapes. Even though critics at the show trashed her, she apparently rakes in millions in sales thanks to her marketing courses at LUMS. My sole favorites were the busy prints of the tiles on pants. The blue in the rest of the pieces didn’t really look like blue hue used in that pottery.


King of Karachi Kommercial Deepak Perwani showcased his ‘ Tres Chic-Extension‘. Extension it was from the collection he showed at FPW. Although I wasn’t a big fan of his FPW collection, this one seemed like a welcome extension. No doubt he knows his shit he is a freakin’ legend but having said that designs were at times too safe. I wish he either showed more of his menswear + his signature collection that he actually stocks in stores OR brought up the drama like he did with his ‘Frida goes to Kharadar’ collection. I liked the black draped short dress on Amna Baber and short gold dress on Areeba.


2nd last was MUSE with their collection titled ‘Foiled Wrapped Candy‘ which read wrong shouldn’t it have been “foil wrapped” but regardless they touted that the collection is made using “luxe fabrics” like “delicate mousseline silks, metallic dusted tulle, and lurex infused silks” imported from France that “have never been used in PK before”. I would rephrase ex CM Baluchistan, and say that “aisa shiny kapra chahye paris se ho ya pathan se lekin mostly cheap hi lagta hai”. That shiny iridescent red pink fabric screamed Rekha from 1988 movie khoon bhari maang and the lining on the black blue dresses could have been longer. Having said that I quite liked the opening ball gown on Nadia Ali, and white long dress on Fia. (*gajjar ne kiya hai ishara* plays in my head while I write this).


The finale designer label was Elan by Khadijah Shah with her collection titled ‘Art struck Elan‘ taking inspiration from vintage art and works of Italian fashion Illustrator Rene Gruau. Pieces were primarily westernwear with mostly options for evening, I liked few quirky ideas like the cat print jacket and paw embellishment on skirt hem, the  zoomed in calligraphy on a dull orange, and the sheer zig zag printed skirt with the cream crop top. However I didn’t get how they mixed the whole narrative and some pieces didn’t seem to belong in there. The accessories with pop art theme were fab but did they go with the aesthetic of those clothes?

So the 2nd day presented its highs and lows I had a great time with people on whatsapp and twitter. It was more fun than yesterday. Clothes were hands down far better. Probably because I judged some quite harshly in comparison to others. Lets hope the trend continues and I write better things about Day 3 designers.


10 responses to “PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week S/S 2014 Day 2

  1. Love the fact that your review is honest and from the heart! Readers appreciate that … Keep it up 🙂

  2. lol..cute fat kitten dies..I do feel that the first look by muse on Nadia Ali could have done far better without the cropped pants underneath and a cheap 100 rupay wala net ka dupata that isnt visible in the pictures…and OMG..that shoulder draped Shehla Chatoor dress that Rachel wore…I skipped a heartbeat when she walked on the ramp…

  3. best collections of the day elan followed closely by shehla chatoor. muse had its moments but cheapened the collections with overuse of the shiny kapra…deepak was mediocre, very unmemorable.

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